Family Room Photos & Resources

I have a little problem.
I can’t leave STUFF alone. 
I find stuff, bring it home, live with it for a while then….
I paint it, cut it, glue it, reupholster it, ….
I change things all the time.
I drive my family a little(a lot) crazy from time to time.
My poor husband!
So because I changed STUFF around AGAIN in my family room,
 I thought I would share some photos & resources.
Here we go….

 Console-gifted family piece

Office Draw/Decorative Holder- Pottery Barn Outlet
Female Bust-Home Goods
Sea Sign-City Farmhouse(me)
Shelving Unit- Pottery Barn Outlet
Storage Boxes-IKEA

Books-Family & thrift stores
Large S-Home Goods

Accessories-Home Goods

Couches-Calico Corners & Z Gallerie 
 Shag Rug-Lowes
Baskets- Home Goods
Wall Color-Valspar Natural

Pillows(left to right)
Bosporus/Flax- Calico Corners
Sweater Pillow-made using old sweater found at Savers

 Chairs-Home Goods
Altered Handpainted Clock-Home Goods
Pussy Willows-Smoky Moutain Foliage(etsy)
Growth Chart- Kims Sister(etsy)
Vintage Tool Box- White Flower Farmhouse
Baskets- Home Goods

Frames-Home Goods
Ottomans-Calico Corners

Number Decals- Leen The Queen Graphics  

Clock-Home Goods 

Table-Thrift Store

Barn Board Mirror-The Attic Two

This room was decorated on a modest budget.
  The entire room which is a large room (23 x 18) was decorated and furnished for just under $1700. 
 That includes everything, even hardware, pillows, rugs, etc… but the couches (those I used from my old house). I do have new couches budgeted into my plan but holding off, not sure white slipcovers can handle  a toddler:).
I love scoring a deal & paying substantially less for an item, especially the larger items because those can add up, quickly!
To do this I shop at outlet stores, Home Goods, tag & estate sales, antique stores  and YES, yard sales. 
I like when I can find pieces that are unique, time worn and tell a story. I am also a huge DIYer, these days it is easy to find inspiration for these types of projects, Pintrest is a great source.

Sometimes when you have a small budget to work with it forces you to become resourceful. 
 Thank you for taking the time to visit.
Happy Decorating!

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  1. Your family room is beautiful and inspiring. So many lovely details. I actually love your brown sofas (our family room has white slips and with 2 young teens and a chocolate Lab it is painful to keep them clean.)
    I’m stopping by from the Wicker House and I’m now going to be following and putting your blog in my sidebar. I really like your decor style.

  2. Love love your family room. Is the Pottery Barn outlet a good deal? I am looking for dining room chairs and was wondering if they would be cheaper than in the store. Unfortunately the closest one to us is in Memphis!

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    Thank you so much for your kinds words. Yes, the PB outlet is so much cheaper. If you can take the drive usually it is worth it. I would call each week to find their sales, each week something else has a percentage off & maybe you can hit it right with the chairs, that is when it is a SUPER good deal. Happy shopping!

  4. It’s like a cool breeze on a hot day. Very tranquil. Almost beach cottgae-y but very subtle. I love it! Those benches are so cool! And your wall colors are perfect, I want to paint mine so bad!!


  5. I have couches that color – needed dark for 3 kids, a dog and a cat, but I really need to paint my walls, the room is heavy right now – I love your wall color – what color is it?

  6. Such a wonderful space. We have a few of the same decorations. Thanx for letting me know about your wall color. Have a great weekend!:)

  7. Such a wonderful space. We have a few of the same decorations. Thanx for letting me know about your wall color. Have a great weekend!:)

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