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Grow The Best Tomatoes This Season With These Six Tips

As many of you know, I am on a quest to grow the BEST tomatoes this summer. I am armed with the best information thanks to Gardentok, there’s no reason I can’t succeed. Ugh, I wish it were that simple, but I am hopeful, very hopeful. Here are six tips you need to know about as you head into planting season.

Six Tomato Planting Tips You Need to Know About This Season

1. Reset the Soil-I added peat moss, organic potting mix, and Dr. Earth Organic Tomato Fertilizer to well-tilled soil.

Grow the best tomatoes this season with these six tips.

2. Plant Roots Deeper– I had no idea about this one. You should plant the stem so that no peach fuzz is showing. In other words, bury it deep, as in a few inches deeper. The peach fuzz on the stem are baby roots, and that will ensure it has a stronger root system.

Tomato Tip #2-Plant the roots deep

3. Companion Plants– This is important. What you plant near or next to your tomato plant is vital to its growth. The top companion plants are basil and chives.

Tomato Tip #3-Plant with companion plants.

4. Prune Suckers- Those smaller stems, usually in between the V, are called suckers, and they drain the strength from the main plant. Either cut them or use your finger to pluck them off. You can add these smaller stems to water, they should grow roots, and then you can replant these. Also, be sure to remove any branches that touch the ground.

Tomato Tip #4-Prune the suckers.

5. Potassium Water– Slice up a banana peel and let it sit for 24-48 hours. Then strain and pour at the base of the plant. It’s a great fertilizer, wards off pests, and aids in root health. I am doing this once a week.

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Tomato Tip #5- Make Potassium Water

6. Water, water, water! It’s as simple as it sounds, yet it’s the hardest to accomplish for me, at least, just because we are on the go so much in the summer. But I’m telling myself this year, no matter if I have to get out there at 10 pm, I will.

Tomato Tip #6-Water!! Trellises from Amazon.

You can find the trellises HERE. And the umbrella, which is double the price at World Market, is HERE.

grow the best tomatoes with theses 6 tips. City Farmhouse by Jennifer O'Brien
Garden at Dusk. Grow The Best Tomatoes This Season With These Six Tips

Stay tuned for more backyard moments.

Have a happy day, friend!

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  1. In about the first image where the tag is can you picture the crotch? keep those areas free from new growth.

  2. Hey, I loved your ideas about how to grow tomatoes and to take care of it. But my question is that how to protect our plants from worms? I have flowers at my home but they are not growing instead they are wilting upside down. Give an idea to grow them gradually.

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