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The Most Affordable + Stylish Outdoor Patio Chairs

Although I am ecstatic that the warmer weather has finally arrived, it always provides a never ending to do list. Which right now I am fully embracing. Ask me again in a month and I just might change my mind, ha! On the list are various outdoor projects and tasks. Some fun, many not. It’s the normal stuff like power washing, cleaning gutters, painting trim and digging out flower beds, you know the drill. We have many ongoing projects that roll over from weekend to weekend, luckily I have started to make a dent in the backyard. Last year was the first year it felt done-ish. The addition of the 2nd modern slatted privacy screen made it feel complete. Well almost, we still needed extra seating around the fire pit.

I looked everywhere towards the middle to end of the season and couldn’t find anything. So this year, I am determined. I found a ton of outdoor patio chairs that are affordable, stylish and durable so I thought I would create a comprehensive source guide. Here is a look at the backyard last year. You’ll notice the lack of seating around the said fire pit:).

modern slatted privacy screen

In case you are wondering this is the before. This is actually a good shot. You can see more before and afters in my Modern Scandinavian Patio Makeover. We did the backyard ourselves and saved a ton by installing a pea gravel patio.

Pea Gravel Patio Before

You can see where the chairs are needed. I have a garden on the other side, you can see it in full bloom in my fall tour from last year. The privet is really nice for privacy, I fell in love with it when we moved in. I would say all in with pea gravel and 2 screens we were under $1000. Not too bad right?

Budget patio makeover with pea gravel patio

Here are the most affordable and stylish outdoor patio chairs I found this season…

Fernhill Metal Patio Chairs

Fisher Egg Chair

Britanna Patio Chair


Britanna Black Patio Chair



Aeri Lounge Chair

Luna Lounge Chair

Southport Egg Chair



Montego Patio Chair

Teaka Lounge Chair

Southport Club Chair

Durban Outdoor Chair

Girona Patio Chair

Tan Cambria Outdoor Chair

Black Cambria Outdoor Chair

Brommo Chaise

Urba Chair

Mastholmen Armchair


The Most Affordable Outdoor Patio Chairs

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Which ones do you like? Cant wait to show you which ones I picked!

Happy day friends!


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  1. The Girono chair is a stand-out! Should be easy to sit in and to get out of and I think it fits the bill.

  2. Great roundup! I have to be able to try before I buy when it comes to seating…I’ve sat in some stylish chairs at Target that weren’t very comfortable. The one downfall to ordering online…

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