Taking My Own Advice, Childhood Summers + What My Rugs Would Look Like

Hi there friends! As some of you may know I have been participating in a rug challenge over on Annie Selke’s Instagram feed (aka Dash & Albert).  They are taking the top 10 and producing them under a “Blogger Collection.” I would love this opportunity more than you know, it would be a dream come true to say the least. This rug challenge has really got me thinking about desire, dreams, humility, gratitude & grace and taking my own advice.

My boys both wear these bracelets they got from camp that say “NEVER GIVE UP.” Yesterday Jack gave me his to wear when he went in the water and I had it on for most of the day. As we drove home from the beach I glanced down at the words across my wrist, I felt empowered. It was actually just what I needed to hear in my head at that moment, to be reminded to not back down or give up on something you have worked hard for, even when the goal seems impossible. A few minutes later Shane gave me an update on the rug competition, he is 12 and so supportive, both are really in very different ways. I was still (& still am) just trailing behind the needed votes to get me to the Top 10.

What I realized in that ride home yesterday evening is that they are watching me. They are looking to me to not only be a good role model but to also put words into action. The words I have told them all their lives like, do your best, don’t give up, be humble, be kind, be grateful & generous and have humility & grace. And I need to take this amazing opportunity and turn it into life building lesson whatever the outcome.

So this is my takeaway. I will do my best over the next few days to get the votes needed to get into the Top 10. Maybe I will be the one to pull out off miracle at the very end, one can hope and dream!!! All I know is that I am grateful beyond words for this opportunity. I never thought in a million years I would be here, at this moment writing this post to you about designing rugs for Dash & Albert. I am soaking it all in and instead of focusing on the end result, walking through the blessing of being asked to be a part of this.

And if my designs do make it to the Top 10 and get produced, I will feel amazing & incredible but if they do not make it, then I will show my boys how to journey through disappointment with humility and grace. With that being said I need to let you know how much this opportunity would mean to me. From the time I was very little I would create to show the world who I was and still to this day my words and heart are shown threw what I can create with my hands. I worked SO hard on these designs, I wanted the colors to feel original, the designs to feel handcrafted with heart and soul. I was connecting to my childhood summers up at the lake, to my aunt’s very old & charming house in Southampton and to those annual weeks in Montauk with friends. The salt air, crystal blue waters and vintage flavor played a huge part in the feeling I was trying to convey with these rugs.

Please if you could just take a moment to vote, you simply click like on my rug designs,  I would be so grateful! And if you did vote, thank you, it really means the world to me!


Click HERE to vote for #1, HERE for #2 and HERE for #3. You can also watch my video below….



PLEASE VOTE!!!!! City Farmhouse Vintage Inspired Rug-Dash & Albert Rug Challenge



PLEASE VOTE!!!! City Farmhouse Vintage Inspired Rug-Dash & Albert Rug Challenge






PLEASE VOTE!!!!!! City Farmhouse Vintage Inspired RugsWhat do you think? Do you have a favorite?

One last favor, could you please share this post? Thank you with all my heart!!

Thursday is part 1 of my backyard with a video!!! Stay tuned!!!

Have a happy day!

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  1. Hi Jen, I wish you loads of luck. I voted for your designs -they really are the vibe I love. I have not been on any blogs for awhile since I am limiting screen time this summer but I checked in with your blog today and wanted to wish you the best and cast my votes. I feel like we are kindred spirits from afar. I too live near the ocean i(n Ma ) and have raised my children with similar values. Whatever happens grace and gratitude is what I also strive for and that requires daily reminders 🙂 I think your designs are beautiful and know others feel the same way. Good luck my blogger friend!! Never give up on your creative spirit, we all benefit from it.

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