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DIY Mother’s Day Gift Recipe

DIY mothers day gift recipe

Hello! Brooke from Nesting with Grace here. I have been thinking about Mother’s Day, it’s rare for me to think this far ahead but I live far away from my Mom so I have to be on the ball in order to ship something in time. I like to send my Grandma a gift as well, she does so much for everyone. In the summer she had called me searching for her mother’s, my great grandma’s famous Carmel Popcorn Balls recipe, she couldn’t find it and none of her sisters had it either. I had actually written it down for a high school assignment about family recipes and saved it in my recipe book. So I thought this recipe would be perfect to make into a piece of personal art for a Mother’s Day gift.

DIY mothers day gift

I love to reuse things that I no longer like or need anymore. These little wrapped canvas prints can be found on clearance at Home Goods stores or even at Target. These were two that I had and wasn’t using anymore. I painted right over the prints with leftover paint that I had.

DIY mothers day gift 3

I typed out my great grandma’s Carmel Popcorn Recipe in a font that I really liked. I used Pic Monkey, it is a free photo editing website. You can use any format you like, such as Word or Publisher.

DIY mothers day gift 2

After you print it out in the right size, turn the paper over and write with pencil over the top of the letters. The trick is to make sure the pencil marks are dark so it transfers over to the canvas. I first saw this technique on My Sweet Savannah Blog.

DIY mothers day gift 4

Then I took the bottom of a Sharpie and rubbed over the letters to transfer the pencil to the canvas.

DIY mothers day gift 5

You can see after I rubbed the pencil on the canvas it left a light pencil shadow of each letter.

DIY mothers day gift sharpie

Then I traced over the top of the pencil with a fine tip Sharpie. The larger the letters the easier it was to trace. The smaller the letters the harder it was to follow the exact letter shadow.

DIY mothers day command strips

I get asked all the time on my Instagram and Blog how I hang plates on my subway tile. I just use command strips. I cut them down depending on the weight and size of the plate or picture I am hanging.

DIY mothers day recipe hanging

Make sure to follow the instruction on the command strip package. I press the piece I am applying to the tile for about 30 seconds.

DIY mothers day gift counters

Although the letters are not perfect, it looks really great finished and mixed with other pieces. I am planning on making one of these for my mom and for my mother-in-law. It might be tricky to find a favorite recipe or a family recipe, but take the time and ask other family members. The effort will show and they will love it.

mothers day DIY recipe canvas

You can find my blog HERE and to see more of my kitchen HERE.

mothers day DIY recipe in kitchen 2

Thank you Brooke! I love this easy & personal Mother’s Day gift idea!

Have a fantastic day friends!

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