Creating A Cozy Nook

Hi everyone!

A BIG Happy Friday to you!

On Fridays I  always seem to have a spring in my step

{as corny as that sounds},

because I know I have the whole weekend to look forward to with my family:).

With the colder weather comes my need to NEST.

To come inside after it gets dark, to build a warm fire, snuggle under some cozy blankets, maybe have a little picnic,

watch a movie & just ENJOY the time together.

How about you?

Speaking of cozy…

I am all about that word this holiday season.

I thought I would share some progress with you as I get our home ready for the

cold weather & the holidays….

City Farmhouse-Holiday Nook-Using Textures, Natural Elements and Lindsey Letters Beautiful Canvas FEATURE

I added lots of natural textures- Faux Fur,  wool plaid pillows and  a cute burlap stag pillow,

they all give a sense of warmth to the small space.

City Farmhouse-Creating A Cozy Nook=found pine cones

Stag Pillow

City Farmhouse-Creating A Cozy NookChalkboard Art-Lindsay Letters

City Farmhouse-Creating A Winter NookI love using natural elements, such as fresh greens, birch logs and pinecones.City Farmhouse-Creating A Nook from Vintage Crate-Art Lindsey Letters

City Farmhouse-Creating A Nook- Winter Photos

City Farmhouse-Holiday Nook-Using Textures, Natural Elements and Lindsey Letters Beautiful Canvas

City Farmhouse-Holiday Nook-Using Textures, Natural Elements and Lindsey Letters Beautiful Canvas-Pillow from The Nest Etsy

I am so in love with this chalkboard canvas!

And I am excited to tell you that Lindsay Letters is offering a

coupon code for FREE shipping-{LLCITYFARMHOUSE}!

Hope you have a spring in your step today too!

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Have a beautiful weekend,

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  1. I love this. I wouldn’t mind sitting there drinking my morning coffee and checking my e-mails/blogs. I especially love the pillows. Did you make them?

    1. Lisa, thank you! I made the plaid ones & bought the Stag Pillows from the NEST on Etsy. You made my day:)! Happy Friday! Jen

  2. It looks lovely Jen. Really cosy! Love seeing my pillow there – such an honour! Great use of a space which would otherwise not be used. X

  3. love, love, love! I find myself using plaid a lot more this year, and I too added birch sticks to my decor. I love how this area came together. Just gorgeous

  4. Wonderful post, love your private little corner. I’d love to have one. Guess I could call my studio/pc room my private corner. I have a tv in here also so I can watch what I want while hubs watches whatever he wants in living room. At this time of year I miss tv in our room but we rarely watched it so finally took it out few years ago. I’d rather read a good book anyway in our wonderful cozy bed.
    I love your pillows. I have some plaid flannel, not as bright and cheery as yours but it would work til I can get some. Time for some snuggly warm pillows on the couch. I already have my blanket on there
    . We were at City Mkt. today (Krogers) where they had the big cushy blankets/throws with the fleece or sherpa on other side for $14.99. I want to get one of those for myself. With my cuddly pillows and that blanket, oh how nice.
    As I’m typing it’s been snowing like crazy, started lightly this afternoon but by 5 it was starting to come down pretty heavy. I love the snow. HAPPY happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. You always inspired in some way.

    1. THank you Jane Ellen for your sweet comment. The snow sounds kind of nice right now:). Be safe & Happy Thanks giving to you 7 your family too! Jen

  5. Love! Did you get a custom frame made around the Lindsay’s letters canvas??? It looks great! I would love to do the same thing if you can pint me in the right direction!!

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