Let It Snow & Blizzard Pancakes

We got snow!!!
Did you?
We actually got a blizzard, about 16″ inches give or take.
That is quite a bit for us here on Long Island(NY).
Many areas got much more than us
but what we ended up with was just enough:).
There is something magical about the snow, isn’t there?
We are lucky that we only get it a few times a year
 so we can REALLY enjoy it.
I have often thought to myself,
“I wish there was more time in the day.”
Have you?
I realize after this weekend,
that it is not so much having the extra time
as choosing the time that you do have, differently.
Typically on the weekends because my husband is home:),
I take that time to get “things” done during the day,
or at least on one day.
And trust me that IS a nice feeling
to get “things” done but…….
sometimes I miss out of the FUN “things.”
So this weekend I chose
my time differently & decided
to NOT miss out on one bit of the fun!
We baked cookies, watched the snow fall,
looked through old photo albums,
told stories of past snow storms,
like the 5 ft of snow we got while living in CO in 2006:).
I made a nice dinner and we all sat down together.
No rushing out for activities, everything was shut down.
We built a fire and watched a family movie.
Life felt like it was in slow motion.
Do you LOVE those moments?
Those moments that feel so REAL that immediately
get tucked away in your mind & your heart,
to be relived & remembered another day.
Saturday we woke up to snow crystals,
enormous icicles and snow covered streets.
A perfect time to all sit down
 have a big breakfast together.
Here is a recipe, from my sister-in-law,
who is an amazing cook.
It is simple and VERY yummy.
ALL will enjoy:)!
Blizzard Pancakes
1 cup of flour
(can also use whole wheat or gluten free)
1 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 egg
1 cup of milk
Pour a thick coating of EVOO into your pan.
Pour your batter into pan, usually I get
4-5 roundish pancakes per pan.
Yes, you are frying these in olive oil(extra virgin).
Let them cool for a few minutes and sprinkle with
confectionery sugar.
Strawberry Drizzle
2 cups frozen strawberries thawed
1 tablespoon water
1teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice
  This is what we woke up to Saturday.
 My happy boys!
 Our Frosty:).
 The Cookie Heist
 Poor Frosty, he didn’t stand a chance:).
I wanted to also give a HUGE thank you to Kristen from
the fabulous Ella Claire,
 for sharing her beautiful & festive home tour on Friday.
You can check it out here.
Make sure you also become a follower so you don’t
 miss one of her creative & inspiring posts.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend too,

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  1. We got about the same here but unfortunately I had to head out to work in the morning. Although I’m not a fan of winter or snow, it was such a pretty snowstorm with sunny days afterwards, so yes, I enjoyed it! And those pancakes look awesome:)

  2. Long time stalker never a commenter till now. 🙂 A dear friend of mine, Nancy Hall and her husband live in Long Island so your post was reassuring to know all is ok up there.

    Love your blog, BTW…

  3. Your weekend sounds like it was wonderful, I’m so glad you and your darling kids got to enjoy all that snow! And your pancakes look heavenly! I have to copy that strawberry drizzle! No snow here in Illinois but we had French toast for breakfast and snuggled up most of the day doing a little of this and that. Perfect! 🙂


  4. Minnesota was supposed to get 14-16″ but only got about 4… I’m so done with winter, I want Spring & Summer! Glad you enjoyed your snow day! Your pancakes and drizzle look delicious!

  5. Loved seeing your outside pictures. I grew up in Lynbrook but now reside in Florida – miss the snow (sometimes). Loving our 70 degree winter this year.

  6. Sounds like such perfect days full of wonderful moments. 🙂 Your pancakes look delicious… my girls and I love pancakes… I’ll have to give your recipe a try!

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