Style House February- Ella Claire

Hello, I am Kristen from Ella Claire and I am so excited to share my home with you today. Jen, thank you so much for having me!
I LOVE to decorate, repurpose, DIY, and create! I am a stay-at-home mommy to one beautiful little girl and am blessed to have a wonderful and hard working husband who always encourages me to soar. Welcome to our home.  
My hubby purchased our home before we were married, 7 years ago. Actually he purchased it before he even met me! I think he did a pretty great job, and I feel very blessed that we have had such a warm and comfortable home to live in. As the years go by, we are slowly making it more and more ours. We hope to eventually build a home that we design… someday :).
One of my favorite things in our home is the tall ceilings which allows me to have this huge chalkboard in our entryway. I use any excuse to doodle on it!
Our living room, dining room, and kitchen are all open to each other in one big area. As you can see, I have decorated for Valentine’s Day. I love to decorate for the holidays!
In our dining room, I also have another chalkboard, and my vintage valentine village. I am so inspired by vintage charm. 
My Craft room is the place I keep all of my current projects, craft supplies, etc. I dressed up my dress form for Christmas and I liked it so much that I never changed her. Maybe she will get a new spring look soon :).
This chair pretty much says so much about my life and about our home. Certainly not perfect, beautiful in its own way, and a complete work in progress. And, you know what, I kind of love it. 
The desk is one that I painted and used all through college. {I have been a thrifter/DIYer for as long as I can remember}
I have big plans for our kitchen and look forward to painting these cabinets someday! 
I have a jar of vintage Jello molds and cookie cutters on my counter and I pulled the heart shaped ones to the front for Valentine’s day. 
I have been collecting the bedding for our master bedroom for about a year now, and I am still working on a big fluffy duvet cover as well. I wanted all white bedding and I LOVE it! I may, or may not have plans for refinishing our bedroom furniture ;). 
For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on our bonus room/family room, and this is what I have so far. All of that storage is for our little Ella’s toys. What you see here is only half of the massive room. The other half (if you were to look behind where I am standing here) is a play area that I am working on. So, it is nice to have all of the storage facing her little play area.
I found these great branches in my yard. Isn’t it fun that they are already red!? So, I made a little Valentine tree out of it. Ella likes to sit and point at all of the different shapes and colors. 
Thank you for letting me share little pieces of our home with you! I love the challenge and fun it is to continually work on our home. If you would like to visit, or see my other DIY adventures, come over for a visit to Ella Claire sometime 🙂
I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s day!

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  1. Thank you Kristen! You’re home is so beautiful & I love all of your vday touches. I pinned the heck out of it:). Your home is bright, warm & inviting, I have so many favs. Thanks again!

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