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Book Page Ornaments Tutorial- Recycled Project #5 and Housewalk 2012 Details

Good Morning!!!
I hope ALL of you are having a wonderful weekend!
I usually post during the week but to be honest
this week has been a little busy:).
I do a have a good excuse though….
I have been getting my home ready for
and filling holiday orders:)!
At the end of this post will be the FULL line up for this year
(which starts TOMORROW)
the link so you can check out
So I apologize for being a little slow in posting the rest of my
Recycled Christmas Projects.
Here is #5…..

See this black tool,
 this is what you will need
to make your inset details.
It is a very large hole puncher that you can find at any
Craft Store.

This is my helper Shane,
I think it is a little too early for making crafts but….
he is a sport:).
This is a great holiday craft for kids,
they can use any paper, lighter is better
and embellish with different details they would like.

& glue gun and that black tool above.

I used the glue gun to glue the sides together.
For a kid’s project a glue stick is fine:).
Then glued all sides together.

I also used a Distress Ink Pad to age the ends.
Ok, on to the Housewalk details:)!!!
It begins tomorrow so don’t miss it!
All of these homes will have amazing holiday
And my home will be on Wednesday!!!
Here is the link to
Housewalk 2011,
(click the picture)
Take last year's Holiday tour here!
I hope to see you there!
Have a great Sunday!


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  1. Beautiful home…great inspirational ideas. I think I might need to try this craft with my 4 year old.. she’d love it.

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