Family Room Reveal-Thrifty, Pretty & Functional

 Hi friends,
 I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
It has been a busy few weeks, trying to wrap up some finishing touches on our family room.
It has taken some time & LOTS of patience
but I am happy to say I am finally done,
I think……
We bought this home 2 years ago & all along I had a vision for this room but…..
with so much to get to & decorate I had to put this room on the back burner for a bit.
So instead I re-used the furniture I  had & made it work for the short term.
Slowly, I began adding in the pieces that I wanted
& finally bought the sectional a few months ago.
I don’t think I am alone in saying that,
sometimes we want so much for our home to look a certain way,
the way we see in magazines but we forget that these
things take time.
A room that is layered & filled with items and details that you LOVE evolves,
over time.
I had to tell myself this a few times:).
This family room makeover was done on a ridiculously
SMALL budget.
I do believe that making your home pretty
doesn’t have to break the bank.
I shopped thrift stores, flea markets, outlet stores,
I repainted, recovered, sewed, re-purposed, made and built things myself
to save some $.
I wanted them to resemble burlap,
I pre-washed each panel before sewing them to give more texture.
Palette Board Chalkboard– click here for the tutorial.
Vintage Stereo was only $10, a steal right?
 Simple Silhouettes & Handpainted Clock
Walls, Valspar/ Natural
 Chair-Estate Sale find from Southampton, NY-$35.
Covered in a lined casement silk,
it was in perfect condition,  I just had the upholstery cleaned.
Upcycled Bench in background, click here to see it’s journey:).
 My boys:).
A before shot…..
 Pillows, all inserts are down from PB outlet.
 Covers from Pottery Barn & handmade using custom fabrics.
Barnboard Table-IKEA Hacked,
click HERE for tutorial..
This is by far one of my FAVORITE projects!
Armoire, repainted in ASCP French Linen
Another before shot
 I have to say I really do LOVE this sectional.
I have washed the covers several times & they come out perfect,
click HERE for tips for keeping it pretty.
click HERE.
 Storage under table for real life STUFF:).
 See I told you this room was functional,
more storage for the TOYS.
 Have I told you how much I LOVE this table yet???
This was one of those “can’t get it right projects,
until finally the light bulb went off in my head.”
Don’t you just LOVE when that happens?
 More storage for our stuff:).
Baskets-PB Outlet
Vintage Console-Free
Table-Flea Market-$10.
And another:).
 I love silhouettes & nature.
We have an abundance of deer in our neighborhood
& we just adore when they come down our way for a visit.
 I had to throw this in, our puppy(11 going on 1)Murphy,
he LOVES this spot,
he can see ALL that goes on in the neighborhood.
 Chairs-Home Goods
Bookcase-PB Outlet
Lamp Base-Target
Shade-PB Outlet
 Thank you for taking the time to take this photo tour today:).
Please email me with any questions, I am always happy to answer.
Have a great week,


  1. it DOES take time, but your room is a testament to the payoff of that! i love so many the details and can imagine feeling very much at home here reading your books! (i’ve got prairie chic on the brain today too…)

    happy monday.


  2. Jen, it is all fabulous. You did such a great job making this room very comfortable and with the collected over time look. Super job!

  3. Beautiful room, nicely done! You deserve to be proud!!

  4. Beautiful transformation!Love how you transformed you room.Looks so cozy and comfortable!

  5. Very cozy. I love it all.

  6. I can tell that a lot of hard work went into your family room but it’s worth it because it is gorgeous! Great job, Jen!

  7. It is beautiful to say the least. My fav in all your great room? Where you have stashed the toys, and that you have any at all. Love that. We have grandkids and when they come that’s the first thing they do, go for the legos. Glad you kept it real.


  8. LOVE!! So calm, inviting and ready for a family!
    PLEASE don’t forget to share your coffee table idea. I’ll be checking everyday! 😀


  9. I love everything! Stunning and very clever! Thank you for sharing!

    Flora Doora

  10. Just so pretty, delicious to look at…so much fun when ou tell us about each thing…I forget sometimes just how many projects you do girl!

  11. Hi Jen,
    Your room looks so beautiful! I love the softeness and the mixture of all the textures. The vintage record cabinet looks fabulous as does all your creations. Just goes to show you can have a pretty room without spending a fortune.


  12. Jen,
    Oh my!!! Your room is just stunning…love all the windows that you have in there. That thrifty chair and cabinet are just super neat. Come on over and share your room with us at my party today.


  13. Oh my gosh I love it all!!!! I’m slowly trying to redo our living room. It is frustrating at times!!! I love the baskets everywhere for toys, with 4 boys I do exactly yhe same thing and in storage ottomans. Thx for sharing~amazing job!

  14. Oh my word is this lovely! So relaxing and serene, but with amazing function! Can’t wait to se the tutorial on the coffee table, love it and all of your other DIY’s. Cathy @ Room Rx

  15. Jen, it’s so soft, warm, elegant, and cozy. I just love everything about it. And that chair…THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS?!?!?! That is beyond amazing. It’s gorgeous!

  16. Love, Love, Love!!! Especially the table. Oh My Gosh! And where did you find the sectional? Even my husband likes it!!!

  17. Hi Jen: This turned out so beautifully. It looks very high end and certainly well put together. You must be very proud and deservedly so..Happy Monday..Judy

  18. Beautiful job! I love your stairs-I’ve been wanting to do that to ours! :)

  19. I adore your room. I’m so jealous of both the vintage stereo cabinet and the vintage console….I’d love to have either of those in my home. Such a pretty room!

  20. You did a beautiful job, Jen! Amazing that you did it on a budget, too. It feels very much like “home” with a cozy and welcoming feel. You and your family must be very comfortable in this room.

  21. Love it!!

  22. Pretty pretty pretty! :-)

  23. Beautiful, stunning, comfortable, great soft colours. Well done you!!

  24. Your room is absolutely lovely.. The chair was a great find.

  25. Magazine worthy. LUV it!

  26. Love is the perfect word to have hanging in there–I love it! That is a beautiful room–what a beautiful place to relax :)

  27. You did a great job planning that room to be both stylish and functional. I love the neutral colors you used. Could you tell me where you found the life size measuring tape on the wall? That is so cute!

  28. It’s beautiful Jen, you did an amazing job. Its comfortable, chic and beautiful all at once, love it!

  29. This room looks like a million bucks! Just love everything about it!

  30. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! You did a great job!! Totally something that cannot be done overnight, especially if you want it to truly reflect you and your family :) You’ve done a wonderful job! I think I missed it, but where did you get your sectional? I’m currently looking, and going nuts ;/ ~Bre

  31. Your room is just beautiful, Jen! What a wonderful mix of textures and coziness. I just LOVE how big the room is! And the way you have positioned the furniture makes it all very warm and homey!! Can’t wait to hear how you jazzed up that coffee table!


  32. What a gorgeous room! I agree, the less the spend, and the more you thrift, the better your house looks! I just completed my lounge/dining room area and it is very similar to yours and done using mostly thrifted or handmade items. Love your style. :) Very welcoming and cozy. I just need a gorgeous white lounge too. :) Thanks for sharing. So beautiful. x Julie

  33. Oh my, this is just gorgeous! Taking your time made it well worth the wait. I am planning an old stereo/tv cabinet project for my family room when it is complete. Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

  34. Hello gorgeous room! Looks like it should be in Better Homes and Gardens. I love the way you repurposed and made things. The soft colors are wonderful. I’ll have to stare at this for awhile.

    We moved into our house 8 months ago. There’s a room upstairs that I will be decorating with the same philosophy. I want it to be pretty, comfortable, and hopefully not break the bank. You set a great example.

  35. I am in the process of re=doing our family room too, so I know how difficult it can be to pull the look together. You did a fabulous job, and your room is gorgeous!

  36. The room is so beautiful! I love the colors…the whole space flows beautifully! I love your coffee table too and look forward to learning all about it! Great job!!

  37. I love it! You did a fabulous job..Love the colors. It looks so cozy and a perfect place for your little ones to play too! Great job.

  38. Beautiful, inspiring room! Thanks for sharing such a pretty and functional space done on a budget. Your blog I always inspires me to look around my house, shop Craig’s list and thrift! I’m DYING to know more about the sectional! I’ve been searching your blog looking for more info on it and can’t find where you talk about it. Please share where you got it :-)

  39. This room is perfection! You have done a wonderful job putting it all together. I love it all!! Such inspiration!

  40. Such an incredible space, Jen! It is so inviting … love the colors you chose and the personality you added! Magazine worthy!

  41. PS: sorry if I missed it … where did you find your clock face? I’ve been looking for a budget-friendly oversized one, but no luck … just might to have to make one … eek!

  42. This room is fabulous!!! I love the colors, the furniture, tue use of various items to store toys – I need that since my grandkids live here – everything is so warm and inviting and comfy looking! Congrats on working your way into the room you dreamed of! I kow it’s hard to be patient, as I am waiting on my perfect rooms too, but it sure was worth the wait! Very well done! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  43. This is so stunning! It needs to be in a magazine stat. It looks so effortless, chic and cozy. Really you are so beyond talented friend :)

  44. This room is gorgeous!! And so cozy at the same time :) Fab job!!

  45. It looks amazing! All the details are there and go together so well. It does take time to get it right (I’m learning that too) but you have done it perfectly.

  46. Jen, Your room is beautiful!! I love every detail.
    xx, Sherry

  47. Your family room looks beautiful, fresh, and so inviting and comfortable!
    Mary Alice

  48. It does take time to build a room and yours is beautiful. I love it all. It is just fabulous!

  49. Jen, great job! Everything looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Debbi @ the beach

  50. Oh Jen, this is one of the prettiest and most peaceful rooms I’ve ever seen. So many copiable ideas too. Thank you for your inspiration. Lovely.

  51. Oh Jen, this is one of the prettiest and most peaceful rooms I’ve ever seen. So many copiable ideas too. Thank you for your inspiration. Lovely.

  52. I love yout house! Its beautifuk

  53. Really pretty and comfy room. You did an excellent job. I favor the reindeer picture!

  54. Wow! this is how an almost all white room should be done! Perfectly balanced. Your sign says it all LOVE!

    Great job (and I can appreciate all the work that went into this project for these results)

    Sincerely, Jeannette

  55. I LOVE this room! I just want to cozy up on that lovely sectional! It was worth the wait! It really came together! I love the hidden toy storage!! I love finding ways to hide the “uglies”!! Ha! AMAZING work Jen!

  56. Jen,
    It all looks very pretty and cozy! I love all your thrifty finds!


  57. Oh Jen – you’ve done a lovely job with your family room! There’s so much to love about that space, just beautiful! I’ve got this linked to my family rooms post too today, for inspiration.

  58. VERY lovely! Fantastic job!

  59. This is so beautiful and inspiring! You did a beautiful job and come redecorate any room in my house!
    : )

  60. did i miss somewhere where you got the clock and the “ampersand”? i love it!

  61. you’ve done a beautiful job bringing your vision to life! i know you must be proud of how it looks…i know i would be!

  62. WOW…what a fabulous space you put together!

  63. Whoa. Absolutely beautiful!!

  64. Wow! Your room is beautiful. You did a wonderful job putting it together. Thanks for sharing. Paula

  65. You have such a gift for putting a room together! It is stunning, every inch of it. What I love so much is that your style fits your home and the area you live so well, yet you have your own distinctive touch. You are talented, Jen!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  66. Oh my, this room is gorgeous! Love how all your projecrs and details came together. It definitely has that collected over time look that gives it charm and character. And it still looks warm and comfortable for a family! I love everything about it! … I’m following along. Can’t wait to see more!

  67. Ohhhhhh Myyyyy Gooddnesss! I have died and gone to heaven! Your room took my breath…….away! Every element goes together as if you were able to sit at one time and SHOP it somewhere- I had been giving thought to painting some of the darker furniture I have to lighten the room- thank you for the inspiration – I will be a loyal follower of your BLOG!

  68. Wonderful! I love your style, and I love your creative ideas for repurposing, refinishing, re-everything! You prove that you don’t have to have the budget of those featured in House Beautiful to have a beautiful house!

  69. Wow! That looks like something that could be on the cover of Veranda Magazine. Absolutely stunning! Great job! Impressed that you took your time and stuck with your vision. Me? Eh – not so much. My family room is still a train wreck!

  70. It looks very beautiful and also inviting. Great job. I wish I had a PB Outlet near me. How do you like the sofa – specifically the cushions. Do you feel that they bounce back after sitting?

  71. Lovely, lovely room makeover. Looks like it should be in a magazine. Everything so light and airy, looks like a very comfortable and enjoyable room.

  72. GORGEOUS! I am very inspired by your beautiful space!

    I’m your newest follower.

  73. WOW! I am speechless! Seriously SO beautiful:) Came over from Whisperwood Cottage and your newest follower!

  74. Beautiful, comfy & cozy too!
    Great job!

  75. Wow, this is amazing. You did a fantastic job!!
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  76. Jan – I think we share some brain cells!! I have been explaining to my husband how I want to decorate our new living room and the white slip covered sectional with deep beige and grays as accents AND to my wonderful amazement now I can show him how beautiful it will look! Thank you so much – your gorgeous living room will help me convince him – he’s worried about the dirt on the white sofa and we don’t even children but we do have a beautiful Westie girl, named Sophie, whom I consider my daughter! This is the most gorgeous living room ever! I’m so happy you get to enjoy it with your family!

  77. Wow!! This looks like the perfect combo of cozy, sophisticated, and yet family friendly that I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe that you took that empty room and saw all of that. I could really use your vision in our house hunt! Wonderful job, truly!

  78. What a gorgeous room! You have done a great job with everything – I love that coffee table, too!

  79. Can’t wait to see the table tutorial. Love this room!

  80. Beautiful…You’ve done a great job! Thanks for sharing!

  81. Hi: I just came over from MMS and I can’t believe how much I love your family room. What marvelous details and I enjoyed each and every picture and congratulate you for being MMS’s favorite! You are truly a talented person! Thanks for sharing. Joy

  82. Hi: I just came over from MMS and I can’t believe how much I love your family room. What marvelous details and I enjoyed each and every picture and congratulate you for being MMS’s favorite! You are truly a talented person! Thanks for sharing. Joy

  83. Just visiting from Miss Mustard Seed’s and my, what a beautiful home you have! I have been so inspired lately by several bloggers and their homes, I am eager to redo my own! I have to remind my self, as you said, that it takes time and won’t happen overnight. Thanks for sharing!

    — Jessica from The Wrenn’s Nest

  84. This needs to be published in a magazine Jen! It’s stunning!!

  85. thank you for sharing your beautiful home. The pictures are just lovely.

  86. Just found your blog via miss Mustard Seed. This roomI
    Is such a bright inviting space. Love everything. Can’t wait to see more. Would you mind telling ,me where you found this great sofa?

  87. Your room turned out great, it’s so pretty, love it!

  88. I’m sure you don’t need to hear, yet again, just how gorgeous your remake is! But who doesn’t love a heartfelt sentiment! B E A U T I F U L!!! And impressed that you have so much white with Murphy! Having one LARGE black dog, one small and two white & tan dogs, I can’t dream of having anything other than a leather sofa (read: easy clean). Love, love, love what you did with the rehabbed furniture! I do love a bargain and have a great time gazing at my rehab’s. Once all the sweating and cursing is finished of course! Once again, strong work!

  89. WOW! That room is gorgeous… my dream room! Did you make that clock? If so do you have a tutorial for that?


  90. Jen,
    Hey I just came across your blog and have loved looking at all of your room makeovers! I love your style and especially love the paint colors you have chosen. They are right up my alley! I just want you to know I featured your living room paint color “Natural” on my blog today and have pinned your other paint colors for future reference. I love them and just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.You have a beautiful home. Have a great weekend!

  91. Wow, gorgeous space, love your home and I think this is the first time I’ve been by your blog. Can’t wait to look around. Your living room is just so cozy and warm, just what we are all looking for. It really envelopes you!

  92. I love the fireplace – it looks like a natural stone mosaic is the material used. Can you share any details you might have. Im not sure if you did this yourself or it came with the house that way. The soft organic shapes and neutral hues really soften the look of the formal mantel which is exactly what I would like to do with my fireplace. thanks

  93. This is really, really, beautiful. I’m trying not to be jealous. It’s not working. Are those numbers on the stairs stenciled? How did you do that? I’m thinking of doing something similar but I’m wondering what kind of paint to use or whether to use a protective coat over it. thanks! I may just use house numbers that are nailed on,

  94. Just found your blog via Yellow Bliss Road. I’ve added you to my favorites list! Your ideas are beautiful and inspiring. And may I ask, what kind of dog is Murphy? He’s adorable!

    • Sure Karen, he is a Wheaten Terrier. He is a super sweet dog, lots of allergies:). Thank you so much, JEn

  95. We had a coffee table with drawers for “toys” and it was awesome. No more toys (I kind of miss them :-() but now I fill the drawers with seasonal candles. Beautiful space to say the least!

  96. Hi, Jen. Your family room makeover is gorgeous! My husband and I really love your fireplace surround with the stone and although it looks like maybe it was already there, I was wondering if you had any info on what the stone product actually is?

    This is my first time on your blog and I am loving it:) Thanks!

    • Hi Lacy, I am sorry, it was already here, it is a natural stone of some sort:). I am so happy you found me!!!!

  97. Jeannie Scott says:

    Love love love!!!!! Everything is beautiful with lots of love in your rooms!!!!

  98. Where is your sofa from? It’s absolutely gorgeous and is what I have been looking for, for a long time!!!!! Also how did you do your coffe table? Was it already a table that you just revamped?

  99. Oh my I just love your room. I am trying to find a paint color for my house and yours looks perfect! I am not finding just “Natural” however. Could it be Natural Silk or Natural Cotton?? I would love to know – Thanks!

  100. Your decor is gorgeous! I love how all of the different textures come together.

  101. I love those drapes. Where did you get your fabric?

  102. Denise Drennen says:

    Your living room is my inspiration! I showed it to my hubby so he can finally understand the white, dreamy color scheme I have been trying to describe! Please, please tell me where you got your sectional….was it iKea? Also, what color did you paint your living room and where did you get your clock? Keep sharing your gorgeous is truly gives me a lovely escape during the day!:)

  103. Absolutely gorgeous! Can you please share where you purchased the SLIPCOVERED SECTIONAL? It is perfection! Thanks!

  104. Where did you get the pillows on your sofa. Love them!

    • Hi Glo, the script ones are from PB and the others are handmade, the fabric is Bosporus?Flax from Calico Corners. Thank you!

  105. We should be thankful that rooms take a long time to evolve and of course, time to save up and time to do the tasks.

    If you had rushed out to shop with unlimited funds you would have ended up with a ‘store show room’ look. A look that is ordinary, smells of money, but without that personal feel.

    I too get comments such as ‘I never thought of doing that’ or how warm and comfortable your home is yet it is so different.

    So well done for all your hard work, your research and your sense of style. I’m sure you have inspired many to find their own style and not just copy a store layout.

  106. For a few years now I have had a style in my head that was cozy, family, children and pet friendly with a rustic french and country flare but could not piece it all together in my head and this is it! You are amazing and did a fantastic job! I hope you do not mind but I am so stealing some of these … Ok maybe ALL of your ideas! Thank you again!

    • Thank you so much Shannon! Of course take any idea you want, that is why I share what I share:). Have a blessed Sunday! Jen

  107. Does Anyone know if you can get valspar paint in natural anymore as looked everywhere for it. Really want this colour in my lounge but doesn’t appear to be one called just natural. All others containing natural in name are nothing like it. Thanks

    • Beth Nagel says:

      Please tell me did you find the color??? I too would love to use it

      • HI Beth, it is discontinued unfortunately:). But…SW just came to Lowe’s & their colors are beautiful, there may be a good neutral in there. Have a good night, Jen

  108. Love this! Can I ask you where the mirror is from and the LOVE signs?


  109. Hi Jenn, I have only just recently started following your blog and I have to tell you I love it here! I have gotten so many great ideas for our new home (we are building now). My living room, dining and kitchen are full of windows and bright sun light in our open floor plan, similar to yours. I love the way you left the walls light and incorporated color. I too have ikea couches but they are covered in Svanby Gray. I am considering a SW paint in Mindful Gray or Repose Gray and changing my slip covers to the white you used. Question, do you think in an open floor plan its best to stay with one color when you can see all the rooms at the main entry? Any ideas on the best white for trim? Thanks so much!! PS Love the Fall Porch Ideas.

    • Hi Elizabeth! I am so glad you stopped by & that you like my blog, that is always so nice to hear:). If you are doing an open floor plan then I would keep the palette the sameish & wall color for sure, the flow will be seamless that way. I wish you all the luck! Jen

  110. Gorgeous… I love … love this room… Could you please tell me about the fireplace … is it stone?

  111. Absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me more about the sectional? What’s it called? Still in stock? Thanks! Great job creating your room :)

  112. thebohochick says:

    Love it, the colors are perfect. I would add more mercury glass or some metallics for me. Just one question….is the TV in the armoire? It would have to be kinda small….can’t imagine a family room without one, lol. I think it could easily replace the barn board mirror, might even be able to add the barn board frame to it!

  113. thebohochick says:

    Quick question – what are the dimensions of this room? Looks quite large?

  114. Love your family room! So cozy and beautiful! And thank you for the details on where you purchased everything. :) Can you pleas share where you purchased your rug? We’re looking for something similar. Thanks so much!

  115. where is the rug from and details love this room

  116. can you tell me what color you painted on the walls?

  117. Monica P says:

    Jen, this is an absolutely beautiful family room. I am so surprised I’m just now stumbling across your blog.. It is RIGHT up my alley. I would love to know where you got your white fabric shades. They are exactly what we have been looking for as we redo our living room. Thank you for being such an inspiration!!

  118. Love it! Where did you get the coffee table?

  119. Love this! Can you tell me where you got your rug please?

  120. Hi Can you possibly tell me the measurements of the table?


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