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Cozy Christmas Cabin House Tour

Cozy Christmas Cabin Holiday House Tour-City Farmhouse

holiday housewalk City Farmhouse 7 2015.jpg

Welcome to my Cozy Christmas Cabin House Tour, I am so glad you stopped by for a visit! To start the tour from the beginning click HERE. If you are coming from Kindred Vintage, then you have met my friend Susan, isn’t she and her family darling!? And her home, wow!! Her tour took my breath away. In case you are new to my blog, my name is Jen, I live coastally on the east end of Long Island with my 2 beautiful {inside & out} boys, Shane & Jack, my outdoor lovin husband John and 15 year old Wheatie, Murphy. A little fun fact, when I met my husband he was living in Aspen, Colorado, it was a magical place for us and we spent a good deal of time there after we were married. There is no other place quite like it and often at Christmas I try to recreate some of that cozy, Aspen magic and even though I don’t live in a cabin, it’s fun to pretend and to relive moments that are close to our hearts.

I decided a  few weeks ago that this tour was going to be a little different than in year’s past. For the last 2 years at the holidays I have had a magazine coming, last year I was blessed enough to have BHG Christmas Ideas Magazine come and photograph my home, which was such an honor and to be honest, a highlight of my career and the year before that was Cottages & Bungalows [also an honor]. I put a lot of pressure on myself for it to be perfect, and in the process I think I deprived my boys of some holiday fun. See before I began blogging we always had the “big” tree in our family room that we decorated and they LOVED it. Once I started blogging I set “their” tree up in the playroom, so I could have my pretty & perfect tree downstairs. But year after year my oldest would say, “mom can we please decorate our “big” tree like we used to?” That broke my heart and so this year I decided to let them decorate the way they wanted to. My friend Alice said “in 20 years no one will remember how you decorated your tree but them.” So bravely I show you my “uncensored” holiday tree and family room.  I wanted this space to be fun for them & cozy of course….

tiny prints wrapping ideas + boys tree 2015 011

Holiday Tree

All of the wrapping paper is from Spoonflower, they have an incredible selection and it was so much fun coordinating prints and patterns with my Navy, black & red color scheme.

Holiday Tree {real life}Every time I tried to move  an ornament my oldest would catch me, so after a while I stopped trying and started to enjoy the tree as it was. It is my favorite tree of all because it was ALL their creative vision:).

Holiday Housewalk City Farmhouse {Christmas Cabin}

Holiday Housewalk Family Room Bay Wreath-McFadden Farm

The Fresh Bay & Rosemary Wreath is from McFadden Farms, it’s a favorite item I get every year and just love it. They dry beautifully and use it all year long. Holiday Housewalk Mantle

I reused my favorite Navy plaid pillows from Target and based the entire room around them. My mantle art is from Lindsay Letters, she is my girl, every single thing she creates is amazing! The Birch Candle Holders are from Joss & Main, which add that perfect rustic touch.

Holiday Housewalk Playful + Rustic Details

Holiday Housewalk Sentimental Touches

After my mom passed away my dad never had the desire to put up another  tree so 50+ years of ornaments went to me. My mom would make or buy an ornament every year for me and date it. This one I found just today and that was the last Christmas we spent together, I cant tell you how much it meant to find this today. Usually these would all go on the kid’s tree because some are pretty old and raggy but I think they look beautiful.

I also wanted this room  to feel “real” so many of the details are very true to life.

Holiday Housewalk, Craftberry Bush Pillow

My friend Lucy’s deer pillow, which is a classic, love her! 

HH Oh Christmas Tree

When I was little my mom & I would make ornaments together at the holidays & now my boys do with me. My little guy is really into in, he has drawn like 15 already, this is were he creates his masterpieces.

HH-Real Life Touches

Holiday Houswalk Balsam Hill Tree

Holiday Houswalk Mantle-Lindsay Letters Art

Holiday Houswalk-Christmas Family Room

Holiday Mantle

New blinds from 3 Day Blinds, more to come following this week of house tours.

Holiday Rustic Family Room

 HH Rustic Desk

Onto the dining room and eat-in kitchen nook. With this holiday there has been a lot of reflection on the past and every year with more time passing I dig deeper for memories of and with my mom. I remember always helping her set the table on Christmas Eve.

Setting the table

I reused my good ole tree stump chargers {love them} and added some fresh seeded eucalyptus to demi johns on the table.  Cozy Christmas Dining Room & Tiny Prints Throw

Another beautiful bay wreath. 

Cozy Christmas Dining Room & Mcfadden Farm Bay Wreath

Cozy Christmas Dining Room

Cozy Christmas Dining Room

My recycled pom-pom wreath from a few years back.


Cozy Christmas Dining Room

I took 2 yards of men’s plaid from Spoonflower and used as a tablecloth.

Cozy Christmas Dining Room

Holiday Dining Room & Spoonflower Table Cloth

Cozy Christmas Dining Room  And my leather tassel ornaments, I adore the texture it brings to the table with a sprig of bay.Cozy Christmas Dining Room  Cozy Christmas Dining Room

Holiday Dining Room   Holiday Dining Room

And out to the porch….

Christmas Farmhouse Front Porch

Once again, I kept things cozy.Christmas Farmhouse Front Porch

Christmas Farmhouse Front Porch

Christmas Farmhouse Front Porch

The next stop on the tour is French Country Cottage , you will be so inspired, enjoy it!

holiday housewalk French country cottage 8 2015.jpg

The biggest thanks to my sponsors for this tour, they include Joss & Main, Spoonflower, Lindsay Letters, McFadden Farms and 3 Day Blinds. Product was received in exchange for this post and all opinions are my own.

Thank you so much for sharing time with me today! Have a beautiful day!

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  1. your mama’s ornaments…my goodness what a precious priceless gift.i love that you shared that. lindsey…can you ever get enough of her art? i think not!! beautiful home & merry chirsmtas!

  2. Jen, everything looks so cozy and inviting! Your home is always beautiful but I have to say this is my favorite Christmas Tour of yours! I lost my mom as well and holidays can be especially hard but I always look forward to pulling out the ornaments that she made, they make me smile and fill my soul with warmth. Wishing you and your family joy and special memories this Christmas season!!

  3. I love that you did your family tree! Your home and Christmas decor is like a breath of fresh air. Although the other homes on the tour were quite lovely, yours is absolutely relatable and offers a depth of warmth and comfort. Beautiful home!

  4. Jen,
    Every detail is gorgeous and meaningful! I love the hand drawn ornaments and the collection from your mom! Every wreath, tree, sprig of greenery, tassel, candle….is so lovely! Cozy inside and out on the porch! Happy holidays!

  5. I LOVE it JEN!!! Serisouly next year, I’m all over having the kids decorate with me 🙂 I just loved every last detail!! So warm and inviting, and I’m dying over that wrapping paper 🙂 XO

  6. Your home looks lovely! All the stories of your mom really hit home; this Friday marks 4 yrs since my mom’s passing, and I am trying to incorporate her memory into our holidays as well. Merry Christmas to you and your family !

    1. I am glad you connected to what I wrote, that is the best part of what I do. It has been almost 18 years for me and keeping the memories alive is so important. Wishing you peace this holiday season Holly:).

  7. Absolutely beautiful. You are a wonderful Mom ! I think they did a great job on the tree.

  8. Jen-
    Your home is beautifully decorated. I love the cabin feel too. I am looking for a couch similar to yours. Could you tell me what style it is or where you got it? Thanks so much.

  9. So beautiful. Everything! I love that you ditched your tree and let the kids do it again. I have my “pretty tree” in the living room too and the kids tree in the family room but my kids never finish decorating it. They stop at around 10 ornaments and then they are done 🙂 SO I end up having to do it all anyways. Love your mom’s dated ornaments.

    1. Haha! I hear you! Your tour was extraordinary!! Thank you for your sweet comment!! Happy Holidays Julia!

  10. Jen, I hear ya about the kiddos wanting to decorate the tree. Years past we have always let them do their own thing with the tree-the tradition of going to the tree farm, picking out the tree, etc. This year I bought a pre-lit artificial. I heard quite a few grumbles about it. So, the compromise is that now that my tour is finished I would remove the decorations and let them use theirs to create their own version of our Christmas tree. It is just something that means so much to them!
    Thank you so much for the tip on the wreaths! They are so reasonable and beautiful. I am going to order a few! I dried my seeded eucalyptus and I am going to mix it in with greenery in our window boxes on the front porch. I need to find a way to preserve the seeds though. I may have to spray them with a dried floral preserve.
    Well, enough rambling. Happy holidays and enjoy your time with the family.

    1. Hi Michele, thank you for your thoughtful comment!! So true!!! I think you will really like those wreaths!! Cant wait to see your tour! Jen

  11. I loved this!!! First I scrolled through all of your lovely pictures because I was so anxious to see it all, and then I went back to read it, and look at it all again 🙂 My favorite part is the tree that you let your boys decorate, they did a fantastic job, it looks wonderful. I just adore your home, it looks like it is full of love and happiness. Thanks for sharing!

  12. As always your home is stunning. I love the warmth all the Christmas decorations bring!! You are such an inspiration and your attention to detail is spot on! Wishing you a very merry Christmas Jen! xo susan (kindred vintage)

  13. I love that you let go of perfection and let the kids take over….although they did a pretty decent job. Takking after their mama. As always everything is so beautiful. Happy Holidays!

  14. J’adore les coussins , la décoration! Les souvenirs familiaux et ceux de ta maman sont priceless!

  15. I also let my kids decorate the tree this year including the lights. It was so much fun! However, since my oldest is seven, I don’t think that my tree would qualify for a house tour. It is a lovely mixture of candy canes, paper stars, paintings, ornaments, and bead garland all sort of thrown on. But, wow, I sure love it! It makes my heart so very happy every time I look at it. Tidings of joy indeed. 🙂

  16. Absolutely lovely. My mom made ornaments every year as well, way more than I could possibly assimilate onto my tree, so when she passed my sister and put out a big basket of her ornaments at the memorial and let all the guests choose one as they left. Now all who have one get a little reminder of my mom each Christmas.

  17. Jen, I look so forward to your holiday home tour every year! And once again this year you have created a magical, warm winter wonderland with so many wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing your home and your life and continuing to inspire so many people! I loved your Lindsay Letters Snow print last year and I was so happy to see you use it again this year! I was just wondering what size your print is? Is it the 11×14? Thank you so much and Happy holidays to you and your family!

  18. I loved your home tour, Jen. I especially loved the desk/table you used for your wrapping station. Where did you get it from? Thank you for sharing about all of the ornaments your mom made. What a blessing that you have them as a remembrance of her. Merry Christmas!

  19. Oh Jen your home is so beautiful and festive and cozy! I just want to climb right in with a cup of hot cocoa. The parts about your boys and your mom just melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. You have such a heart of gold my dear friend.

  20. Nothing beats a kid decorated tree to make a house feel like Christmas. What makes your tour special is that you don’t feel compelled to cover every single surface with a Christmas decoration.

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