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BHG 2015 Blogger Awards-I Made it


Happy Monday sweet friends! I have the most incredible news to share!!! I made Better Homes & Garden’s Top 10 Decorating Blogs list for 2015!!! When I opened the email from BHG I was so overwhelmed and my eyes welled up with tears. I never imagined in a million years when I began this blogging journey I would be here, today. I am so humbled by this and appreciative for all of your support.

When I began I had some amazing friends who encouraged me, I think they had more faith in me, than I had in me:). I was so frightened I would fail & I knew NOTHING about websites or technology. I just had a feeling in my heart this was something I needed to do. I really wanted to share my story of making our house a comfortable, stylish retreat on a budget. We seriously had no $ when we moved in and at first it felt like a barrier, I had this vision of what I wanted home to be but not the financial resources to get there.  When we couldn’t afford something growing up my mother taught me how to make it/create it myself {I will always be grateful for that}. There is such empowerment that comes from being resourceful. And I wanted to share that with whoever would listen & that is how City Farmhouse all began.

So PLEASE vote & spread the word on ALL social media & to your family and friends, I would be so grateful!!!! Voting is unlimited, so you can vote as much as you want from any device until March 30th.

Click HERE to vote.




Can you believe this line up???? I am incredibly honored to be amongst these amazing women!


 I will leave you with one of my favorite reminders….if your dreams dont scare you then

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I am so grateful for each & everyone one of you!

Have a beautiful week,

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  1. so well deserved! I’ve voted and will continue to vote every day for you! You are my inspiration on transforming a fixer upper my husband and I bought recently! Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world!

  2. o.k. I had not even heard of several of these nominated blogs so I wondered what I was missing out on. I took the time and visited them today. Well, I am back to say that most of them were just too slick for my taste. Too many photos taken from glossy e-magazines and put forth for comment. Too many suggested stylings of the “right shower curtain”, for instance, and what decor items I should be buying. (There’s a right curtain and a wrong one? Gee, I thought life was about choices.)
    I now have a new appreciation for City Farmhouse. Your home and blog keep it REAL. And that’s what I will keep coming back for.
    You have my vote.

  3. Just voted Jen! Your blog is inspirational.
    I recently started following your blog after buying our 1970’s home. I was feeling overwhelmed about all the changes I wanted to do. I had no clue where to start. I feel like your blog has helped me with my own home and to realize it takes time to make a house the home of your dreams. I have tried new projects that I never knew I was capable of 🙂 I am now back to enjoying my own home journey. Much love coming from one mom home owner to another.

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