BHG Photo Shoot + Things I Learned

BHG Feb 2015 Issue

Hi friends! Guess what?! My budget friendly master bedroom is being featured in the Feb issue of Better Homes & Gardens!!! The word excitement doesn’t even begin to cover the range of emotions I am feeling right now. I have been dreaming of this for such a long time & to see something I created & to know it was all done on such a tight budget makes me really proud. If you saw my Instagram post from the other day then you know that this achievement couldn’t have happened without someone believing in me early on. I don’t want get all mushy on you but it is times like this I realize just how important it is to have people who support & believe in you. My mom did that for me, as a little girl when the world said no she was there to tell me yes you can & to not give up on your dreams. It is so important I do the same for my boys.

You can tour my Rustic Chic Master Bedroom HERE & HERE.

BHG CIty Farmhouse Bedroom Feature

To see my picture is quite surreal. I am going to enjoy this moment for as long as I can. If you read THIS post then you understand:).

So I learned a few things from this experience,

1. the BHG team comes with a ton of  pretty “stuff”.

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot 2.And lots of fresh flowers.

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot

This jewelry box is made of gum wrappers, isn’t it beautiful?

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot

My dining room table was loaded with goodies.

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot For a pillow obsessed girl, I was in heaven!

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot

3.The BHG team was so incredibly nice! There was the stylist, his assistant, the photographer & his assistant. I was a little nervous, shhh, don’t tell but from the moment they walked in my home they made me feel at ease.

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot  4. I made my family crazy, cleaning, scrubbing & painting. I tackled every room, even made my husband repaint the porch trim. I know, a little over the top but this is BHG we are talking. So I guess in the end I probably didn’t need to have it so perfect but you live and learn.

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot

5. Did I say they came with a lot of stuff? The photographer had lots of equipment too.

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot  Every shot was taken then uploaded right away to tweak & change little details that would make the shot perfect.

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot

My bedroom had a little too much natural light {is that possible?}. Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot

It was amazing to see them work. I learned so much from these guys!

Better Homes & Gardens Photo Shoot

Want to see more? Then be sure to pick up this months issue {Feb 2015} of Better Homes & Gardens!!!

Also, my first Joss & Main sale begins this Tuesday night {January 20th} at 9pm!!! Be sure to look for it & please spread the word for me on FB, Pinterest, Twitter, etc… I would be so grateful!


Have a beautiful weekend & enjoy every minute with your loved ones,

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    1. Emily, thank you! You have been a friend right from the beginning & I am so grateful fro your support!!! Have a fantastic weekend! xoxo Jen

  1. Congratulations, Jen!! This is so awesome! When you follow someone’s blog, you get to know them so that you can almost call them “friend”…so when I see next month’s BHG, I’m sure I’ll slip and tell someone, “look, this is my friend!!!” haha!! Again, congrats!!!

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog for a bit and this might be the first time I’m commenting. Your home is beautiful and I love your budget advice in the magazine because that’s totally what I do!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS JENN!!! This is like when you receive graduation honors for your wok. Your bedroom is gorgeous and you did an awesome job with it and it’s now it’s haighly awarded in such a great national magazine!


  4. You are just sooooo deserving and I am more than anxious to read this issue…..and smile and nod.

  5. So happy for you Jen! Your hard work is an inspiration to so many, thank you for sharing everyday!

  6. Congratulations Jen … I am a big fan of your work and wonderful ideas … Off to get my copy !

  7. OH Jen I am so over the moon excited for you!!! I was planning on devoting this entire weekend to my husband as the guys are gone but now I am going to HAVE to go pick up this issue!! Ok to be fair he did mention he had a bit of work he is going to do later on this evening so I won’t be totally neglecting. 😉 Once again congratulations! Have a truly glorious weekend!!

  8. hi Jen, I saw your post and got my subscription to BHG delivered on Wednesday. It’s gorgeous!! congratulations!!!

  9. I saw the article on my iPad edition of BHG. Just started following you and delighted to see you were featured in such a great magazine. Love your style. Congratulations!

  10. Wow! That is fantastic, I am so happy for you! You must have been so excited when the were shooting your room and seeing it print, you absolutely deserve it! You are an inspiration!

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