Big Changes Are Coming To My Blog

Hi Friends!
And I mean that.
You have been on the other end of this computer screen
for the last year or so reading all about my thrifty projects
and tutorials,
 while giving me the opportunity to share my home,
 my life and family.
 For that I am grateful!
 I am happy & humbled that you take time out of your day to read what I write.
I can’t tell you enough how I have enjoyed
being the author of this blog over the last year.
You can read about how it all came to be HERE.
 I have created lasting friendships,
challenged myself in ways I never knew possible,
grown as a person,
and as a creative individual.
 That brings me to my BIG NEWS…..
 City Farmhouse is moving….
to a .com,
 switching to WP
& changing our look a little,
 sometime next week.
My new site will give me an opportunity to
connect with you better and
 respond to comments more easily which I am so thrilled about!
The new design is fresh & fun while still
keeping with my original style.
I have had so much fun working with my web gal,
 I honestly can’t wait to show you!
Everything else will be the same.
Same content,
lots of tutorials,
diy projects,
me sharing tid-bits of my perfectly imperfect life
the little things I have learned along the way:).
Ok, so here is the deal.
If you have been following me on google reader,
then PLEASE find another way to follow me,
it is actually going away anyways,
which makes me feel better because
I truly value each & every one of you!
You can continue to follow me through,
Follow on Bloglovin
RSS & email
If you already follow me through these outlets,
then I have been assured you won’t skip a beat.
Everything will transfer right over.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for
taking this journey with me:).
I will keep you posted as to when exactly,
I just wanted to give you all a chance to continue to
follow along.
PS- Please don’t think that I am a broken record but….
Remember if you really like this blog,
then you can vote everyday until April 17th.
This is me begging ever so gracefully:).


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  1. Great news! I can’t wait to see the new look. I am just wondering…I followed a few blogs recently on Bloglovin and it looks like I get notice of their posts by email. Is that how it will work? I get so many emails as it is, I am going to miss my good old blogroll!


  2. That’s awesome, Jen … congrats on your upcoming “move!” And, good luck with the voting … you’ve got my vote, for sure!

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