Summer & Southampton, What Could Be Better?

Is anyone ready for warmer weather
a break from all of the sickness going around?
I know I am!


It has been a little bit of a blur around here,
our entire house has been hit with a wave of sickness,
 including me:(!
Thank goodness I am better today!!
I have to say I feel pretty perky today considering,
I think it was all the sleep,
I haven’t slept this much since…..
before kids:).
 I thought I would spread some summer cheer 
 by sharing some summer 
photos that I never
got around to posting.
One day last August my niece Aimee, Shane,
Jack & I decided
 we needed a Tate’s fix.
Tate’s is this amazing bakery where everything is fresh,
 made from scratch
each and every bite is worth every calorie:)!
So we hopped in the car for a drive to Southampton.
One of the MANY things I LOVE about living on the
eastern part Long Island(NY)
is the proximity to EVERYTHING.
We have the beautiful country, local farms,
 vineyards and quiet beaches on the
North Fork
the “hamptons” on the South Fork,
which also has endless stunning beaches & coastline,
 local farming,
historic strolling towns,
incredible restaurants,
lots of privet.
Oh and the houses, one more beautiful than the next.
Southampton is no different.
As a child I spent many summers visiting my
Aunt & Uncle who had
a simple but beautiful Dutch Colonial here.
I always looked forward to the drive and to strolling the town.
And still do to this day:).
Here are a few shots from the day. 

 Any Revenge fans out there beside me?
I am hooked & even got my hubby hooked too:).
Two words Jack Porter……



 Simply French

Aimee & Shane

 Hildreth’s Home Goods

 Vineyard Vines


 Ralph Lauren

 How about you?
Are you dreaming of warmer weather
or summer?
I am sure dreaming of both, especially after this post:).

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Savvy Southern Style

Stay warm & healthy,




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  1. It looks amazing there and YES we love(hubby and I, not the kids 😉 Revenge!!! Definitely some place I would love to visit someday 🙂

  2. Your pictures are just gorgeous, those homes are pure eye candy! What a great get-away.

    I’m glad all of your are healthy again. Isn’t this flu something? At least you got the house cleaned before you succumbed…then you can rest in peace somewhat!


  3. I had the flu and was in bed all weekend, now the Hubs came home from work with it. But, oh, the beauty of your photos! It perked me right up!

  4. Glad that you are better. So many things going around and hanging on. My son in law’s family live in the Hamptons. His parents live in their parents home….and they are in their 80’s. Do you know any Cancellieri’s. They live near the downtown. They do have a little home on the bay……one that they just have fun at. I’d love to visit there sometime. Thanks for the tour.

  5. Oh gosh you’re so incredibly lucky to live near there. I love every single one of your photographs. They are gorgeous with that haze over them. Is that an effect you used or was it just in the air that day? Love it!

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