A Mother Is….

Being that it is Mother’s Day
I wanted to share with you a letter.
A letter that had been lost for over 7+ years,
during one of our many moves across country.

I had been praying I would find this letter through the years
but about a month ago I really began praying, thinking & digging.

 And a week ago it appeared.

You see I wrote this to my mother 18 years ago.
I was 21 & just finishing my last semester of college.
 It was a rainy & cold Dec. night and I had a million things to do for school but
for some reason I was compelled to write.

My mom had been sick for about 3 years & I guess in my heart I felt that time was a gift & not knowing what tomorrow brought I wanted to share with her what an amazing mother she had been to me through the years.

So I wrote her this simple poem titled
A Mother is…..


  I know this meant the world to her.
For she was acknowledged
for all she was as a devoted mother
& all the love she gave.

As a mom I know that is
 gift to receive from your child.

She passed shortly after.

I do not share this story to make you sad
but instead to serve as a quiet reminder
 that often it is the simple things we do for people that
end up meaning so much.
Sometimes a pen & paper (or word processor:))
is all you need to let someone know they are
valued & appreciated.
At the end of the day, isn’t that what we ALL want?
Reading this for the first time as a
mother myself I realize,

I am her.
I am the mother I am because of the mother she was.
This worn piece of paper is a sweet reminder of her legacy of love,
which time can NOT erase.

I feel extremely blessed
to have had the time I had with her  
to be the mother I am today
 to these two beautiful, kind, generous & funny little guys.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you,

who give & give selflessly,

who sacrifice their own needs on a daily basis


love each day more than humanly possible!

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