A Quick Drive To The Country

We all know what a TRUE blessing it is to be a parent
& to have children,
but we also know that with having a family,
anything can happen,
anything can change
 & it does,
 a lot,
 especially around here.
My 6(almost 7) year old Shane was sick on
Mother’s Day.
I felt sooo bad for him, he was so miserable.
Our plans did shrink slightly but that was ok, he was/is more important than any fun family trip we had planned to drive to the country(North Fork) to shop & visit family.
Ok, I admit I was a little bummed,
I was excited to go
& take the drive
& stop by the flower farms
& grap a coffee
& smell the air
& stop by our favorite vineyard
& see our family.
I think my husband felt really bad so when
both boys fell asleep he said,
“you go.”
I said
Keep in mind my son had been sick since Friday
I had day & night duty all weekend,
done at least 10 loads of laundry,
became the house waitress,
changed sheets
& other things,
 We all know what we do when our babies are sick
we do it because we LOVE them so dearly & deeply,
 that we wouldn’t have it any other way.
With that being said I grabbed my purse
 drove to the country for a few hours.
I skipped most of the things on the list but did manage to
stop by my favorite antique shops,
grab a quick cup of coffee &
take in the beautiful sights & smells(lilacs).
I loved it!
Aside from Shane being sick, it was a perfect few hours.
And I REALLY needed it!
I thought I would share some photos
of what I returned home with…..
 Old Finials– $4 each, very cool!
Small Vintage Bottle-$5
Large Vintage Bottle-$2

Vintage Jar-$6


Vintage Liquor Cabinet-$20
 I love the inset wood panel &
I love that it has casters!
It will be pretty when I paint it.
I love the inside, it needs a good cleaning but I think it’s really cool.
A unique nightstand for certain:).
Two days left, please vote here ,every vote counts:)
Thank you so much!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday!
Happy Monday Everyone!!!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely Mothers Day! I love all of your new treasures, especially the little blue box. You are so lucky to be able to shop at Whiteflower farmhouse. Looks like such a fun store.
    Glad to have found your blog as well. Your home is lovely. I think we do share a lot of the same style, plus a few other things like be a mommy to two little boys.
    Hope yours get feeling better soon. Looking forward to following your blog.

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