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Our Summer Hideaway-Beach Club + Cabana Tour

Beach Cabana in the Hamptons-Bath & TennisI am fascinated by where people live and what they do for fun, especially in the summer. So I thought I would share a little about our summers here on Long Island. If you are not familiar with LI, it is the fish like shape that extends from NYC. The island from beginning to end is very different, we live on the east end, if you were to take it to the end (of the south shore) you would end up on Montauk, maybe you have heard of it. And in between you would find the Hamptons.

One day about 4 years ago John came home and said lets join a beach club. I said “what?!” the idea of anyone seeing me in a bathing suit was not my idea of a good time. But I realized it was something that was important to him so I gave him free rein to go and search. I must say, I think he enjoyed calling and popping into each one. We finally decided on one and have been there ever since. It has been our summer hideaway and have loved every minute of our time there.

Here is a peek inside our cabana at the Bath & Tennis and a tour of the property…

Beach Club & Cabana

Beach Cabana With Seating Area, Kitchen & Shower

1Beach Cabana-the HamptonsSome of the cabanas are set up a little different from ours. When we first saw the space it was all a honey wood tone, so I asked if they would paint it. It looks so much brighter painted white & I love the rusticness of it. We have a shower, changing area and a large pantry. We actually have a television and movie player for those late nights, the kids love snuggling under blankets to watch, it feels special to them.

Beach Cabana -Organic Touches, Embriodered Pillows and Navy

1 Beach Club Full Shot

I brought my thrifted bar cart from home and it is perfect for entertaining and making drinks. I kept things simple in here and didn’t over decorate.

Beach Cabana -Bar Cart

1 Beach Cabana -Outdoor Sofa & Surfing Print

This is the property….

Ocean Front Beach Club-Dune Rd Hamptons

It is just beautiful here. This place makes me feel whole again. After a busy year it is nice to slow things down and enjoy pure, unfiltered moments with my family. My boys surf, swim, we collect shells & driftwood, take walks on the beach, play ball and just talk & laugh, I enjoy it all to the fullest!

Beach Club on the Ocean-Long Island

The club has weddings most weekends and it’s always sweet to see, they walk down that boardwalk and have the wedding ceremony right on the beach.

Beach Club-Beach Grass

Beach Club-Cabins & Cabanas

Beach Club-Deer

Beach Club at Dusk

Beach Club-Dunes

Beach Club-Lifeguard Area

Beach Club-Pool From Above

Beach Club-Surf Boards at Dusk

Beach Club-the Boys

Beach Club-The Hamptons

Beach Club-The High Deck

Beach Club-WHB

These are some candid shots I have taken over the last few years….

Ocean Front Beach Club-Dune Rd Hamptons

Beach club

Ocean Front Beach Club-Dune Rd Hamptons

Jacks Room Beach & Flag

Beach Pic

Ocean Front Beach Club-Dune Rd Hamptons

Ocean Front Beach Club-Dune Rd Hamptons

Ocean Front Beach Club-Dune Rd Hamptons

Ocean Front Beach Club-Dune Rd Hamptons

Beach Club + Cabana Tour

Thursday is my summer-house tour so stayed tuned, I am excited to be a part of this huge event hosted by Nina Hendrick, Country Living & Birch Lane. In the meantime you can check out my updated house tour.

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I love this space and you did an amazing job of making it feel like “home”. Also a little jealous that you can walk right out on the beach! The salty water of the ocean and the sound of those waves has my heart.

  2. One more reason I love where you live!! I didn’t even know something like this existed! How fun and what great memories for your family!

    1. I know that is what everyone keeps saying:). Thank you Jenn! I love where you love too, I am always fascinated by other parts of the country (& world for that matter). Have a good week! Jen

  3. Bath & tennis is beautiful..you’re cabana looks amazing!! We’re regulars at Cupsogue..no cabanas there lol!!

  4. Hi Jen, I need a little help understanding the cabana idea. I live in California, Southern California as a young person, Silicon Valley as a not-so-young person. I raised my kids at a tennis/swim/horseback riding club, so I get the concept of a close by respite, but I don’t understand the cabana. Is it your own private, locked space that opens up towards the water? The white wall in front of the couch can be opened? It’s your own small living space with a bathroom, a space that you furnish, but not too nicely such that anyone would take your things if you’re off in the water for a couple of hours? I’m so confused!! (Although I’m not confused about why you’d want to be at that location-it’s stunningly beautiful!)

    1. Thank you Pam:). Yes, its our own little space with a small lounging & shower area that we can lock up. You rent them for the season:). I thought it was a common thing, maybe I should explain better. Have a good day! Jen

  5. I love your cabana and especially the picture behind the sofa. Is that a personal photo or one you can share details on? Beautiful job as always.

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