New Year’s Resolutions & Realistic Expectations

Happy 2013!
I woke up yesterday feeling invigorated!
What is not to love about new beginnings,
fresh starts
New Year’s Resolutions!
So many plans,
so much to do,
so many ideas swirling in my head.
Then….that little voice inside my head said
We ALL start out the year racing, striving to do better,
be better and sometimes that can lead to disappointment.
Not that I would know anything about that:).
My goal this year is to strive for better balance.
And I am doing so with realistic expectations,
or so I hope…
Here we go
1. Make more time for me:).

 2. Make more time for hubby & I.

3. Savor those perfect moments.

4.More adventure, less stress.
5. One project at a time!
6. Enjoy the last few months of my thirties.

7. Remove that last bit of baby weight, for REAL.
8. Less seltzer, more H20.

9. Organize!
10. Eat Lunch, stop snacking:).

How about you?
Do you have any good resolutions?
I wish you ALL the best for 2013!


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  1. My word for 2013 is Focus.. Focus on me, my famiy, faith, friends! Just plain focus. Your beautiful in your photos! Happy New Year!

  2. Fun family pictures and I can’t think of better new year resolutions than what you’ve listed.

    The best to you in 2013!

  3. I try to focus on one word each year. It takes the stress and failure option down! Last year it was balance, this year it is “best”. I want to be the best version of me….getting back to who I am after five years in the wrong profession. Good luck to you and your resolutions!

  4. Hi Jen,
    I love your resolutions! Enjoy that beautiful family every chance you get!
    And as for enjoying the last bit of your thirties… Don’t sweat it! The 40’s are fab!

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