Finding My Blogging Voice & The Best of 2012

 Good Morning Friends!
It’s New Year’s Eve!
I hope you all had a wonderful week with your family & friends:).
We had a blast this week,
I am sad that it is almost over:(.
I can’t say that we did anything super exciting,
but we did enjoy every minute of our “staycation.”
The weeks gets busy around here,
so to have time with my family was the
BEST Christmas Present Ever!
I know that sounds corny but….
it is very true.
I feel like I got to know them again,
as odd as that sounds:).
So to kick off the New Year,
I thought I would reflect a little on the last year.
Wow, where to start.
I feel like I have been driving this blog at 20mph
and then all the sudden this year
I woke up one day and decided to kick it to 70.
Not sure exactly why or what happened
the the timing felt right.
You know that saying
“timing is EVERYTHING.”
I truly believe that everything happens for a reason
at different times in our lives.
So kicking this blog into high gear meant finding
my blogging voice.
Most of you fellow bloggers know what I am talking about.
Narrowing down all the things you love and the reasons behind it isn’t always easy.
I had to take some time to just LISTEN to myself.
To find my voice I had to let my heart
my experiences lead the way.
And this is what I found to be true…..
I am a simple girl who has a big heart,
I am madly in love with my little family
and I am oh so thankful every day for all of the “good things.”
I like making things pretty and find great JOY in doing so, inexpensively:).
Nothing in my life is lost in translation or taken for granted.
My life has thrown me a few curve balls
I know all to well the feeling of profound loss.
But this journey of mine has also shown me just how beautiful life can be
and through it all I remain hopelessly optimistic and eternally grateful!
Finding my voice meant also finding
MY STYLE, the fun part:)!
The thing I realized was that although
I fancied ALL aspects of design,
when it came to decorating MY own home
I gravitated to the same styles over and over.
While I loved  modern & classic,
I also adored vintage & rustic.
Mixing the styles seemed natural to me
and in keeping the palette neutral I found a way to bring them together,
hence the name-City Farmhouse.So there you have it,
in case you where wondering.

Thanks for letting me ramble:)!Ok, here we go,

the most viewed posts of 2012!!
 Printing On Linen Tutorial

And my favorites of 2012!

To all of you who follow my blog
who give up time in your day to let me share a little of mine,

I am over the moon and so appreciative.
I truly enjoy sharing the things I learn & create with all of you and my personal journey as well.
A sincere
to all of my blogging friends who have been so supportive, generous and kind from day 1!
I am humbled by the sense of community you have shown.
You ALL know who you are:)!!!.
I am off to celebrate with my family and HS girlfriends.
I hope you ALL have a fantastic night!
Happy 2013!

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  1. I am definitely still working on “finding” myself and my style. I feel like I keep getting closer, but I’m not there yet. So glad you did a round up of your popular posts, too. Off to check out the ones I haven’t seen yet! 🙂


  2. Just started following you this year and so glad your going 70mph! I love your posts and can’t get enough of your diy proejcts, you keep sharing and I will keep on carving out time to read you!!!

  3. Beautiful highlights of 2012! Everything DOES happen for a reason;) and stay-cations are the best. Hope you feel rested and ready for the new year!


  4. Hi Jen,
    You have a wonderful blog voice… I love your style and the way your dedication to friend and family shines through!
    Wishing you all the best in 2013!

  5. Jen, this is a great post! I can relate to working on ‘finding your voice.’ You know I love your blog and your style, and I’m happy that we’ve become blog buddies 🙂
    Happy New Year!

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