Cable Knit & Getting The Look For Less

What is not to LOVE about cable knit?
Especially in the winter!
It adds that warm & cozy element
we all crave in these cold & blistery months.
Since the season began I have been eyeing a
comfy gray cable knit throw.
I found a few that I really feel in LOVE with.
But….. with all of the
the holiday shopping it wasn’t something
I REALLY needed or could justify.
The ones I found ranged from $60-$120,
so many times I had one in my hands
but ended up putting it back.
So I waited the holidays out.
And last week…..
while I was doing my weekly shop at Target,
I found an oh so pretty
gray cable knit throw for just 17.99(on sale.)!
I am still doing a happy dance:).

So I guess my point is,
be patient
look around,
 many times you can get the look for less.
After having 2 dogs & 2 boys
I have come to appreciate this idea.
You see, things in my home get worn & loved
Can anyone relate?

Here is some drool worthy cable knit inspiration.
Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Pinned Image

The pricier ones,
which ARE gorgeous!
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image 
Pinned Image


And here is my Target score:).

Pinned Image



 Pretty cute right?


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  1. OH how pretty! Your post came up in my feed earlier but when I clicked on it.. no go! So happy to see all now!! LOVELY! I have been eyeing cable knit throws for a while as well… and like you decided to hold off due to three teen boys and a HUGE dog! I might have to make a trip to Target to see if we have any on clearance.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Beautiful! I think I saw these at Target in the fall and my daughter made me wait. Now I have to go have a peek. Yours is just gorgeous and I love the color!


  3. I was JUST looking at throws today! I really need to cycle some down to the basement and get some better ones for upstairs! Maybe a trip to Target is in order this week! Have a cozy week!

  4. Thank you so very much for stopping by! You are so very sweet! and thank you for the link!! I have to stop by the store tomorrow morning so I’m going to check it out first… 🙂

    have a wonderful evening!

  5. Great score and you are right! It PAYS to be patient. Usually items are available whenever you want them (the chance of something selling out is slim) and it’s worth waiting for a sale. Knits are so cozy on the bed or couch. Love your photos!

  6. I had the Threshold one in my buggie at Target in dark brown. I pushed it around me and went back and forth on buying it but eventually put it back. I still regret it. It was a great throw for $25 (on sale).

  7. Love the beautiful pics, Jen! I, too, love cable knit and treated myself to a big ol’ cream cable knit pillow from PB this past Fall. I love the blanket you found at Target … what a score! Looks beautiful on your couch paired with your great pillows. And, thanks so much for your sweet note about the antique secretary I painted.

  8. I actually found two Ralph Lauren cable knit throws at Marshall’s a while back…. just got to look really good! I love the throws. And they were only 29.99! Good deal.

  9. It looks great, and love the color,
    frankly I wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on cable knit even if I had it, cause a few pulls can make it look terrible. I have some knitted ones now, not cable knit, but they look terrible do to pulls, and I have folded them every which way to hide the pulls, but am now trying to figure out if I can salvage the good parts and do something unique with them. I have seen the sweater trees and stuff.
    You made a great score on that, it really looks beautiful with your lovely pillows, beautiful vignette
    Blessings, Nellie

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