Style House January-The Lily Pad Cottage

Hi! I’m Kelly from The Lily Pad Cottage and I’m so excited to share our home with you! Thanks Jen for giving me this fun opportunity.

After moving 6 times in 8 years (I get exhausted just thinking about it!) this is the first place that truly feels like “home”.  We have returned to our roots (Michigan) with this house – we bought a lot on the lake where I spent every summer growing up.  Luckily my husband feels at home here too 🙂

We were able to design and build it to fit our family perfectly, it’s not too small, not too big, it’s just right. It is still a work in progress and always will be, but we have the next 40 or so years to figure it out.  Come on in and see what we’ve got so far…

This is our sunny living room/dining area where we spend our lazy Sunday afternoons.



I love all my built in shelves, it’s so fun to display all my vintage finds and old books.  I’m constantly changing them around.




My kitchen – where I cook up gourmet meals my kids refuse to eat 🙂







The Master Bedroom

Our view in the master bedroom (sigh…so ready for summer again!)


My FAVORITE spot in the whole house, my tub, a place to restore my sanity at the end of the day!


The Playroom – Home of Game Night, Legoland and Barbie World.



The Mudroom – semi-organized chaos.


And finally the reason we call this place home and where we spend as much time as possible swimming, splashing, boating, and relaxing…our backyard.
Thanks so much for touring our home, hope you loved it as much as we do!  Stop by and see me sometime at The Lily Pad Cottage.

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  1. What a beautiful home you have, Kelly! I love the way you’ve decorated it. I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to live by a lake. Our closest was renting a lake house for a week one Summer vacation. It looks like you’ve got great views, too.

  2. Thanks Kelly! Your home is just perfect & lovely and the details blow me away! So many things I love, where to start? You can tell that love lives there:)!Jen

  3. Lovely!! So perfectly done 🙂 I just recently started following Lily Pad Cottage.. and Love getting another tour over here 🙂 I love all the details, and extra touches! ~Bre

  4. Wow, wow, wow. I don’t know which is more beautiful…the view, the home, or Kelly? Triple lovely. Those ABC letters are so fun, and I just love how the television was placed so creatively. I’m ready for summer, too.

  5. Your home is beautiful, Kelly, and perfectly decorated for a spot next to the lake. I love the subway tiles in the kitchen and your beautiful built in shelves. What a wonderful place to call home!

  6. I adore Kelly’s home and she’s the sweetest person to boot! If her kids won’t eat her gourmet meals, I’ll be more than happy to come for dinner – I’ll bring the wine! Won’t you join me in crashing Jen?!

  7. I must know- what is the paint color in your living room? It is the color I have been searching for for years!

  8. Beautifyl! Can I have the name of the blue paint in the living/dining room? Thank you!

  9. I came to check out your blog too after loving the living room paint color in the picture u saw on Pinterest! I have a little den that would appreciate the color tip;)
    Love the pictures of your home!

  10. I would love to know the coke of the living room ? I’ve seen other people ask as well but still no answer . Wish you had it listed ! Please share

  11. So many have asked the color of your living room, myself included, yet there is NEVER, EVER a reply! Why do you bother to give us the opportunity to leave a comment, but never give us the courtesy of a reply? I find this extremely…RUDE!!

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