Favorite Summer Porches

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I know it seems crazy to be blogging about summer when spring just arrived.

But…I spent most of the weekend outside:)


began planning our summer porch.

You see we have a very small backyard

but we have a huge farmhouse front porch with really pretty views of the bay,

which kind of makes up for the lack of outside space in the back of our home.

And this year,

I decided I really wanted to make it more less an extension our indoor space

& make it very useable.

Here is some summer porch inspiration I thought I would share

as I jump into this project.

City Farmhouse Favorite Summer Porches


City Farmhouse Favorite Summer Porches


City Farmhouse Favorite Summer Porchessource

City Farmhouse Fav Summer Porchessource

CF Fav Summer Porchessource

Fav Summer Porchsource

Fav Summer Porche-City Farmhousesource

fav summer porch-City Farmhousesource

fav summer porch-City Farmhousesource

fav summer porch-City Farmhouse


How about you?

Are you already planning summer projects? Or am I the only one???

Can’t wait to share more as I dive into this, stay tuned:).

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Love all of these and wish I could get hubby to build a pergola or something for shade on our deck so I can use it.

  2. Great inspiration photos. Yes I am planning for our tiny covered front porch. I sold two so so chairs this weekend because they made the porch too cramped. Now to find something to replace them!

    1. I bet you will love your covered front porch! It is exciting to find new/old pieces, good luck:). Happy Friday! Jen

  3. I would love to have a screened in back porch, ceiling fan, curtains to block sun, plants, wicker, oh wait… I’m back.

  4. Gorgeous porches. Thanks for the inspiration! I am a fan of Connor Homes too and saw that one of your porches is from a farmhouse of theirs.

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