Featured Photographer-Jill Sarah-Adore du Jour Photo

My name is Jill Sarah and I have been experimenting with digital photography for nearly a decade.
Throughout that time I took photography classes in film and digital–but I learned the most by shooting with fellow photographers and learning from friends.
I have been branching out to set up more one-on-one photo shoots and portrait sessions, which can be seen on my Facebook page and I recently revamped my Etsy shop, Adore du Jour Photo!
My favorite things to photograph are animals and nature scenes.
 As an animal lover, it is a blast to capture pets’ personalities and even bees buzzing around flowers.
I find nature scenes fascinating because the play of light on different textures is really enhanced.
I’m currently preparing photos for a local art exhibit next week and a local holiday market, The Queen City Market, in Buffalo, NY. Even though I’m quite busy with that, I still love to explore Etsy and get involved in the Etsy community!

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