Apple Picking With Jack & The Easiest Apple Pie Ever

Happy Wednesday,
I can’t believe it is already
the middle of the week:).
I have been out of sorts since the hurricane.
We finally got electric back on Sunday
we are ALL so excited to be home again.
I have to say the good thing that comes through
challenging times like these
is the care & concern we show one another.
I am so lucky that through the storm we
ALWAYS had a place to go
for that I am so grateful.
I have the BEST family & the kindest friends.
But…..there are still so many people
without electric, food, clothing & shelter.
If you would like to help or give a donation,
it is greatly appreciated
by those who have been deeply affected.
You can find more info at
I also wanted to thank everyone
who left comments
of concern, it really warmed
my heart to know so many care:)!
On another note,
just before the hurricane,
my camera broke:(.
So……I have been without for the past 10 days or so.

And because of the gas shortage I have not

left my town for much & that includes a new camera.
The lines are 40-50 cars long, it is crazy.

I feel lost without it, I will admit but….
in light of what is going on I can’t complain.
So, I will make do.
I thought I would share some past photos
of a day I shared with my Jack
a super easy apple pie recipe.

 We had such a great day together apple picking
and we picked so many apples that I thought
an apple pie was in order.

I love to bake,
especially in the fall.
But….finding the time can be a real challenge.
Can anyone relate????
To make an apple pie from scratch is a beautiful thought,
but until I have more time I will stick to this yummy recipe.
 I would also like to add that EVERYONE who tastes this
apple pie
thinks it is from scratch:).
Here it is…..
The Easiest Apple Pie
6-7 Rome Apples sliced thin
(or whatever you have on hand, I used Ida for this one)
1/2 cup sugar
frozen Pillsbury Pie crust
splash of milk
a few sprinkles of cinnamon
pre-heat 350
layer & press 1st crust on bottom of dish
& cook for about 5 minutes
fill with sliced apples
pour in sugar evenly on top
sprinkle with cinnamon
layer second crust
pinch sides
puncture holes on top
coat with milk
bake for 1 hr @ 350
bake 10 min @ 450
Enjoy the rest of your week,




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  1. Glad to hear you are back home! What a fun day picking apples… and your pie looks delicious. There are times that a pre-made crust is just the way to go… and people rarely can tell the difference! 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. i always make time to bake in the fall, and i never regret it! your pie sounds delish.

    thanks for the kind words and support during this difficult time.


  3. Usually by now, I’ve made an apple pie or two but we were also hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and I’ve been playing catch up ever since! Hoping things get back to normal for you soon and you can get back to blogging regularly..

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