Our B & B Dream

I am a dreamer.
I have been this way most of my life.
Lucky for me I married a dreamer.
And we have had our share of (crazy) dreams together.
One of those dreams has been 
owning & running a
Bed & Breakfast.
It always seemed perfect.
I had the design background
 he had the restaurant and accounting background.
So about 9 years ago 
we began to plan & we began to look.
We narrowed down our location to the
 North Fork of Long Island. 
On many occasions we flew home
from Colorado to see new listings.
Nothing seemed quite right.
Although we were dreamers,
 we were also realists.
 I think at the time having a family
seemed to be the bigger dream.
And ultimately that dream won us over:).
A few days ago while driving
through the quaint seaside town of
my jaw dropped.
This was one of the B & B’s we looked at.
Only it DID NOT look like this at the time.
isn’t is beautiful!
You can find more info  and pictures here.
The owners did an amazing job.
It makes me want to plan a weekend trip with that dreamer
husband of mine:).
“Sometimes on the way to the dream
you get lost and find a better one.”
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Wow that place looks amazing! I think you definitely need to talk to your hubby about planning your weekend away a.s.a.p. 🙂

  2. Beautiful B&B!!! I’ve been looking though your blog this morning and I’m really, really impressed – I love your style and your rooms and projects all turned out gorgeous!! Wow!!

  3. Its funny that you post this because my husband and I have the same dream to do this one day when he retires from working full time in the food dustry. That B &B you shared
    is lovely inside and out and the wrap around porch is gorgeous.
    Thanks for reminding us its okay to dream

  4. You have created a delightfully charming blog. I love meeting creative sister bloggers and the process of following and sharing ideas. I am your newest follower #144. Have a lovely day and when you have the time, please pay me a visit, my welcome mat is always out. Connie 🙂

  5. Hello Jen, thank you for popping in and for your lovely comment. I’m delighted that you like my bedroom re-do.
    Have a great week, Connie 🙂

  6. This is one amazing B&B – I’d love to stay there, too! I hate that we don’t have that kind of B&Bs in Germany – can someone please have that kind of dream here? =) xo Anja

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