Being a Mother…

Being a mother is the most amazing part of being a women. I have had this conversation with others moms often and most of us feel the same way. We try so hard to be great at everything that when we fall short of our high expectaions we beat ourselves up. We usually come to this realization after talking to other moms, for we sometimes see eachother as “Supermoms” without realizing we all have “Supermom” moments but usually not “Supermom” days. And that is ok, we have to learn to not set such high expectaions, such as clean all bathrooms, vacuum, wash floor, grocery shop, make a fantastic meal, work, have outdoor time, reading time, bath time and yes “me” time. Don’t get me wrong sometimes we can do it all, but I find that if my list can be checked off comletely then maybe I forgot to be in the moment with my son. It’s good for me to remember that perfect days may not exist to often but perfect moments do!

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