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Summer Sanctuary Patio With Target-Get the Look

I can feel summer coming, breathing, and speaking a little louder. It could be wishful thinking or because… I just returned from Florida and need it to be so. Every year like clockwork, right about now I feel the need for winter to pack its very large bag and head home for the season. It’s nothing personal, but I’ve done all the nesting, reading, and tinkering I can by the time March hits. And I’m ready to be wrapped in the sun’s warm embrace.

Being in the sunshine state was a gentle reminder that outdoor living is right around the corner and for some, it’s knocking on your door. I’ve received so many questions about my own patio and porch that I realized most of you are shopping early this year due to all the delays. It’s smart and as my mom would say the early bird gets the worm.

We ALL love Target for the value and style it offers so I thought it would be fun to create a curated outdoor living patio with some of my favorite pieces. I love to mix and match rattan with some sleeker materials such as metal so I put together a Summer Sanctuary look with all the colors, textures, and elements I am crushing on right now.

Best of Outdoor Living at Target
Target-Blue Striped Pillow

Blue Striped Pillow

Target-Metal Frame Sofa

Metal Frame Sofa

Target Outdoor-Peach Throw

Peach Throw

Target Outdoor Living-Camp Stool

Camp Stool

Target Outdoor Living-Small Lantern

Small Lantern

Target Outdoor Living- Moss Centerpiece

Moss Centerpiece

Target Outdoor Living-Rattan LED Lantern

Rattan LED Lantern

Target Outdoor Living-Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rug

Target Outdoor Living-Rattan Club Chairs

Rattan Club Chairs

Target Outdoor Living-Rattan Side Table

Rattan Side Table

Target Outdoor Living-Navy Striped Pillow

Navy Striped Pillow

Target Outdoor Living-Cement Planter

Concrete Planter

Target Outdoor Living-Faux Rubber Plant

Faux Rubber Plant

Target Outdoor Living-Outdoor Pillow

Outdoor Pillow

Target Outdoor Living- Faux Fern

Faux Fern

Target Outdoor Living-Large Black Lantern

Large Metal Lantern

Target Outdoor Living-White Coffee Table

Outdoor White Coffee Table

Target Outdoor Living-Planter

Sleek Planter

Target Outdoor Living-String Lights

String Lights

Target Outdoor Living-Blue Glasses

Outdoor Glassware

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Have a happy day friends!

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