Cozy + Cool Gift Guide For Her

You may not know this, but I am not a big shopper. Although I do love scoring deals for myself and buying gifts for others, I would much rather do it from the comforts of home. Many of you may like to shop in person and if so, enjoy every minute! But if you are like me, done after hitting 2 stores, then this post might help you during the holiday season. I have done the hard work, scoured the internet and shopped myself. These are my favorite cozy & cool gifts for her, maybe you will find something special for your loved one in this inclusive gift guide. It is more less what I would want, hoping John is reading this, lol!!

Jackets are my thing, well along with boots. The good thing is, I do keep them for a long time. the ones listed are universal, reasonable and stylish.

Gray Green Bomber Jacket

Navy Coat

This plaid scarf, yummy!!

Plaid Scarf

Fair Isle Sweater

Cream Beanie

Block Letter Necklace

Indigo Clutch

Garden Earrings 

These boots are the perfect shade of gray green and I am LOVING them! I am pretty sure I had a pair just like this back in college:).

Suede Booties

Fir + Leather Candle

Olive Hooded Parka

This jacket below is a little more expensive but it’s a piece you would have for a long time. I had a leather jacket like this, again after college and I wore it for about 10 years.

Valentine Leather Moto Jacket

Pattered Thermal Leggings

These walking shoes are sweet! The color is perfection!


Green Walking Sneakers

Eggplant Puffer Jacket

Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans

Suede Slippers

I have these Sorel winter boots and they are amazing! I get tons of compliments, they are very warm and comfortable! This is my 2nd year wearing them and they still look brand new.

Sorel Boots

Toms Suede Slip-Ons

Velvet Slouchy Bag

Velvet Skinny Pants

This jacket I also have. It is vintage inspired and the navy goes with everything.

Vintage Ski Jacket

Holiday Pattern Sweater

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Happy shopping! I hope this guide is helpful. I know we only have 2 weeks left, what?! Enjoy!

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