Where We Gave Our Donations This Year-Update

Hi there! Let the countdown continue! Just 4 more days until Christmas!!! I found this saying below and it perfectly summed up my thoughts on being a good human being. Last week I also posted that I was giving the $500 that I had won on the Rachael Ray show away to a deserving family or organization. I wanted to follow up with you, first to say thank you for ALL of your incredible ideas and ways to give this holiday season!! If you are still looking for ways to give this holiday season then scroll to the bottom of THIS POST. I also wanted to let you know how we gave that money away.

If you will remember Shane & Jack also gave $100 and I matched that, so collectively we had $700.  We bought a ton of gifts for the Little Flower Orphanage , packed the car and delivered them last week. On the drive home Shane said, “mom that was really nice of you to do that, thank you.” My heart was full. That is all I want, is for them to see what kindness can do and that it matters. A lot.

I am so excited to say I found 2 families to donate the $500 to, with help from a friend. They are both single, working moms and I hope this gift, if anything will let them know that good things can happen and that there is always hope & people that care.

I encourage you to seek out small things you can do to make someone’s day brighter, even if it’s a phone call, cup of coffee, bringing cookies to a neighbor.

Have a happy day!

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  1. So awesome of you & especially the boys Jen! Feels so good to give and to watch the kiddos feel the warmth it brings! Kudos!

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