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Appreciating the Home You Have + Kitchen Plans

Hey there friends! I thought I would pop in and share some thoughts on appreciating the home you have. I think it is so easy to get discouraged by the beautiful & perfect images we see online, many times it leaves us with the idea that what we have isn’t enough. I think deep down we know it is enough but we get sucked in and play the comparison game. And we all know that comparison is the thief of joy.

I have to constantly check myself, being a blogger I need to be up on all the pretty & trendy things out there but at what cost? When I start to get that tinge that my home isn’t enough I pull it back and stay off SM for a few days. It keeps me grounded, because I know at the end of the day how hard we fought to be back here in NY, how hard we work to live here, the amazing community in which we live, our location, the summers & falls and how lucky we are to have a home at all. These things can’t be measured by all my perfect projects and spaces I have created or by how pretty my home can be. I sincerely want you all to know by no means is my house even close to perfect. I don’t ever want you to see something I have done and have it make you feel bad or that your home is less than. This blog is meant to inspire, uplift & give you easy ideas you can do in your own home.

I remember when my sister-in-law bought her current home, she was saying how overwhelmed she felt because there was so much to do. I told her to enjoy the journey in making her house a home, that it takes time and that she had plenty of it (time). We were living with my father at the time and the thought of owning a home again was such an aspiration that I had such clarity to lend. At the end of the day, especially during a time when so many are without a home, it’s about appreciating what you have.

Just to put things into perspective my house is currently a disaster. I have my den pulled apart, I have stuff lined up along the wall in my family room and the boys made a fort last night so my pillows are everywhere. I just finished the boys playroom so I still have the ladder in the hallway along with all the baskets that didn’t make the shoot. Haha, do I sound crazy? Welcome to a bloggers life:)! It’s all good things & I truly LOVE what I do! So when I come to you with projects that seem perfectly styled, know there is most likely a mess in the other room somewhere, lol!

As most of you know John isn’t handy, like at all. He takes full ownership of this undeniable fact. Which means I pretty much do everything around here and that takes time. You aren’t going to find us renovating & taking down walls but hopefully what you will find are projects you can tackle. Trust me, if I can do it then so can you:).

Now that that is out of the way I want to share some thoughts on my kitchen. Some of you may remember I was going to tackle a small kitchen reno a few years back. Things happened personally and I came to the conclusion that it needed to wait. We were thinking new counters, backsplash, appliances, painting cabinets, new hardware, etc… and that takes time. I realized after we pushed it back that my kitchen is one of the reasons we bought our house and I should appreciate it fully whether or not it is exactly the way I would want it. So I have decided to do small things to make it feel updated such as lighting, rugs, chairs, hardware, faucets & rugs. We are also capping one of the supports to make it look like a rustic wood beam and adding another one. I rarely share images of my kitchen because it doesn’t photograph well and feels dark. To be honest, I was also caught up in having the perfect, magazine worthy kitchen, you know white counters, marble backsplash, gray cabinets, brass accents. Well, it isn’t going to happen right now but when it does I will feel grateful, just like I do now for the one I have. I am not on any one else’s timeline but my own.

This was from when we first moved in 6 years ago….

City Farmhouse Kitchen Before Not really styled….

City Farmhouse Kitchen Before

Then fall 4 years ago….

City Farmhouse Kitchen Before

City Farmhouse Kitchen Before

A shot from a few years ago when my dining room was blue. Now it is white and is a den:).

City Farmhouse

Another one…

City Farmhouse

Tomorrow I will be sharing our faux wood beams!! Be sure to check back.

Have a happy Friday!

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  1. My first visit to you blog. We currently live in my in-laws house caring for my aging mother-in-law. It’s on a rental basis, so any changes we make are minor right now. Hard to wait. Your kitchen is my dream. I’m in a pokey little 8×10 with unadequate storage amd nothing level (100+ year old farmhouse). I know eventually I’ll be able to have a differenr kitchen but it’s hard. I really appreciate your post.

    1. I have been there BJ, I know how hard it can be. It will happen & when it does you will be filled with SO much gratitude!!! Thank you! Jen

  2. Your kitchen is fabulous and exactly how I want to update mine when we’re finally able to. Right now it is speckled gray formica and honey oak cabinets; yuck. Can you say dated? 🙂 At least we have updated the builder grade white appliances to stainless steel. I’ll always dream of an island such as yours as well but not in this house; our kitchen footprint is just too small. Like you say though appreciate what you have. I see the beam you reference in your photos and what a great idea to wrap it; I think that will bring in some really nice character and texture to your kitchen; can’t wait to see it.

    1. Thank you Rebecca, just shared it today! And by doing simple things I do love the space again. Have a good night, Jen

  3. I can’t believe you thought your kitchen wasn’t blog worthy or perfect enough. It looks really pretty to me! I know black granite isn’t all the rage right now, but I think a black and white kitchen is classic. I’d like to replace my counters because they are laminate, but I’ve decided that I can’t justify the price of real marble(my dream) so I’ve trained myself not to focus on them but instead all the details I do like.

    1. Thank you Lynne! It is a really classic look & who knows by the time I get ready to change it it may be back in, lol. I just love the look of white counters. Exactly, perfectly said! Have a happy weekend, Jen

  4. I have never seen your blog before, but I will definitely be back. Your honesty is refreshing. I had a blog for almost ten years, and I finally wrapped it up because of some of the things you addressed.

    I would be thrilled if my kitchen looked as good as yours does! However, I have done what I can within the limitations of space, budget and time, and I do enjoy it. It certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea! But it works for us, and that is what matters.

    1. Thank you Ellen for writing such a sweet message! That is what matters! Have a good day! Jen

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