Ramblings on Thrifting & 12 Fabulous Furniture Makeover Trends over at BHG

Hi sweet friends!

I hope you are all having the best summer & enjoying every minute with your loved ones!

I have had my sister’s children {who are all grown up & so incredible} from Florida here, so I have taken a little time away

from blogging this week to just enjoy them & be present.

I am sure you can all relate.

I did a little thrifting today in search of some mid-century modern chairs but you know how it goes,

when you are actually looking you can never find them,

so no lucky today but there is always tomorrow.

Hopefully I will find something worthy of sharing soon.

On another note, my 2nd post just went up over at Better Homes & Gardens– Style Spotters!!!

If you love a good makeover story you will NOT want to miss this post!!!

I would be super appreciative if you feel so inclined to share or leave a comment too:).

Here is a sneak peak of

12 Fabulous Furniture Trends That Will Inspire Your Next Makeover…..

Makeover Trend-Library Influence-The Pianted Hive


Have a beautiful week!

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