My Little Nook Gets A Makeover Using My Favorite Spoonflower Fabric

Hi friends!

I have teamed up with 3 awesome ladies to bring you

4 Different Projects Using Spoonflower Fabrics.Four Different Projects Using Spoonflower Fabrics

{This post was sponsored by Spoonflower}

Did you know how many amazing fabrics Spoonflower has?!

I was blown away & to be honest it took some time for me to make a choice because I

seriously loved so many!

Over the weekend I tackled an easy project using my favorite Ikat Chevron

to makeover a little nook under my stairs.

Yup, you guessed it, I made pillows:).

Pillows are the easiest way to give your home a custom & stylish look

without breaking the bank.

Adding Texture & Pattern to Stairway Nook City Farmhouse

So here is an easy tutorial for DIY Envelope Pillows…

Easy DIY Pillow Tutorial {cutting the fronts} City Farmhouse

The finished size was 18 x 18.

1. I cut 2- 19″ squares for the fronts.

{I prefer my pillows a little loose to allow for shrinkage}

Easy DIY Pillow Tutorial {cutting the backs} City Farmhouse

2. I cut 2-19″ x 24″ for the backs.

I then cut those in half long ways.

 Easy DIYEnvelope  Pillow Tutorial City Farmhouse

3.I folded each edge over twice and stitched.

{Before you sew these take a look at your pattern and try to match up as best as possible}

Easy DIY Envelope  Pillow Tutorial {pinning fronts together} City Farmhouse

4.Match fronts to fronts of fabric & pin.

Easy DIY Envelope  Pillow Tutorial {making teh corners} City Farmhouse 5. Angle in at corners to avoid bunny ears:).

Spoonflower PIllows for Nook Makeover City Farmhouse  Stairway Nook Makeover Using Spoonflower Fabric {City Farmhouse}

The word {or direction} EAST goes hand in hand with summer on Long Island.

That is where everyone heads for the beautiful beaches

and quaint little towns loaded with amazing restaurants & shops.

Stairway Nook Makeover Using Chevron Spoonflower Fabric-Adds Pattern & Texture to Small Space

Summer Nook Makeover with My Favorite Chevron from Spoonflower {City Farmhouse}

Be sure to pop on over & check out the other fantastic projects!

Envelope Pillow by Jamie at So Much Better With Age
Fabric Covered Lampshade by Beckie of Infarrantly Creative
DIY Roman Shade by Shauna of Satori Design for Living
Have a beautiful day,

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  1. Dear Jen, I love how you have incorporated beautiful neutrals in your home and how by
    adding a splash of color a season or holiday is reflected. Your interior colors remind me of
    the colors one sees at the beach. So pretty.

  2. Looks like we had the same idea, girl! I love your tutorial. I’ll have to do that next with the corners on my pillows. Great tip 😉 Sharing & pinning.

  3. Good idea to angle the corners like that. I’ll remember it. Your nook can change with the seasons and that is so fun! I bought one of those beautiful sheep rugs…but my cat destroyed it. Now it is in her bed and every time I walk past her, I think, she really pulled one over on me!

  4. Love the material you chose. Chevron patterns are my favorite. The nook looks beautiful. Love it!!

  5. Absolutely love the pillow fabric. For longest time I thought I didn’t like IKAT patterns but now I look for them purposely,love them. Just took this old dog longer to decide. HL has some nice duck cloth ikat patterns, have you seen them? Love them. The chevron ikat is gorgeous. Great choice to make pillow covers with. You do a wonderful sewing job on everything you do. Would love a table runner in that print you used. I’m always so inspired in what you do, no matter what.
    I got some incredible curtain panels with grommets at T.J. Maxx this week. They’re a light gray with a white pattern on them. Love them. Very different from what I’d usually buy or make. Decided to go for them. Almost didn’t get them but there were only 2 pairs so didn’t want to miss out. Two panels for $24.99. 78 x 84
    I always love to see what you’re doing, I get the itch to fix things up when I see your wonderful projects. Happy Easter

  6. Hi Jen, I found you on Marty’s A Stroll Thru Life last week only to realize that I have many of your pictures already pinned! Love your blog.

    Locksley Lane

  7. I admire anyone who can talk about sewing pillows like that so casually! The smallest and simplest sewing project is a challenge for me, you make it look so easy! I really love the rustic wooden bench (chest?) in your nook. You’ve probably mentioned it before, but I’m a new reader and that was the first thing that caught my eye!

  8. Hi. Love your nook!

    Regarding the pillows using the spoonflower ikat chevron fabric, can you tell me which specific color was used and which choice material you used. Just by eyeballing it, I purchased what I thought was the correct one and it is so dull looking and the fabric doesn’t look as nice as the pics above. Thank you!

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