Santos Cage Dolls E-Course Hosted By Jennifer Rizzo

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Being someone who loves to create

I get really excited by the idea of learning something new:)!!!

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With that said I wanted to share with you this amazing e-course,

Santos Cage Dolls- Creating Rustic Beauty From Paper, Clay & Wood,

 hosted by the creative and talented  Jennifer Rizzo.

jennifer rizzo santos dolls ning

In Jennifer’s words……

It’s about creating serene, rustic beauty from paper, clay and wood: The art of hand-sculpting and assembling Santos Cage dolls and other art dolls

Santos Cage dolls have gained popularity over the last few years.
They have a serene, rustic beauty and sometimes almost eerie quality that has transformed them from use as religious icons in the 17th and 18th centuries to beautiful works of art.
Each doll has it’s own personality and as you sculpt and create you will see your own style and beauty develop.
In this class, You will learn to make three different versions of Cage dolls.
You will learn techniques in assembling armature, sculpting and painting faces, and using unconventional materials to make beautiful figural dolls.
We’ll even make a doll from a toilet paper roll!

jennifer rizzo santos dolls 3 ningYou can join me for an in depth course on how to assemble, sculpt and paint Santos and figural dolls.

The best part is I know summer is coming so
 ALL of the videos will be available and you have access for ONE FULL year from the date of payment.
So no worries if summer gets too busy and you are ready to begin again in the fall.

jennifer rizzo santos dolls 2 ning

 The course will be available for one full year!

The cost is only $19!!

To register you can go directly to Jeanne’s creative network

(the fastest and easiest way to register) HERE 

or register through Jeanne’s website HERE.

I hope to see you there!


Creatively Made Home Summer Series-Decorating Ideas For Summer City FarmhouseRegistration for my own class has begun as well:).

I get giddy when I think about ALL I will be sharing with of you!

Click HERE to read more about this class on my blog

& to register directly click HERE.

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