Our Front Porch & A Little Hot Cocoa Fun

It is hard to believe that Christmas is so close.
I wish I could stretch the season for another week at least.
I would love more time,
 just enjoying simple moments with my family.
That last bit of time before the holiday arrives
always gets hectic, doesn’t it?
So much to do,
so little time.
Just yesterday,
I finished decorating my front porch.
I have to say, I kept things simple.
But there is a little story about my tardiness:).
My 7 year old has been begging my husband & I
for bright, flashing lights.
We would drive by houses ALL
decked out with lights and he would say
“that will NEVER be our house.”
I began to feel bad.
 Through the years we had become  whites lights people.
I delayed because I really didn’t know how to make
everyone happy.
I realized after last week’s events,
that none of that really matters.
What matters is making him happy.
So I had an idea.
I got out the artificial tree we had gotten when Shane was a baby,
 stuck it in a planter and we decked it out with bright lights.
He adores it and loves that it was his
First Christmas Tree.
Jack likes it too,
he says, “turn on MY Christmas Tree:)”.
So after I finished the porch,
I decided to greet Shane when he came home from school
with a special surprise.
Seeing our babies get off the bus
means something entirely different this week for all of us.
I wanted him to know that HE mattered.
So Jack & I had hot cocoa waiting for him on the porch.
We had lots of marshmallows,
whip cream,
brownies(his favorite).
We had so much fun!
It is the small things in life, right?
He are a few pictures of my modestly decorated
front porch & our hot cocoa fun:).
 I had to attempt to make the POM-POM Wreath,
it just looked like too much fun!
Jennifer Rizzo gives a great tutorial,
click HERE.
 Nothing crazy, just some red gingham & green.
 The simple knotted garland on the tree(that’s the tree:))
is strips of cut red gingham fabric.
This is my very old wicker sofa, it has seen better days,
but I just love it.
Our view,
which I feel so blessed to have,
especially after making it through Sandy.
The hot cocoa.
Double yumm!
 And there is my Jack,
next to the marshmallows.
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  1. Love your story about the tree. And love the sweet pictures of your boys drinking cocoa on the porch. Whatever makes them happy, you are correct. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. awww…so sweet…our kiddies have been doing the same thing…they think my Christmas decorating is just so boring…you are so right about the small things…I think it’s going to take a while to get back to ‘normal’….if anything this has helped me realize even more so now the importance of family…I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Christmas….big hugs friend…xoxo

  3. cute kids! and how sweet and special that you had a hot chocolate party together!! when i was little, my dad used to grab a bag of chips and dip and invite me to a “party”, just he and I watching TV and eating snacks. your boys will always remember you doing this for them! your porch looks adorable and your view is stunning! lucky girl!!

  4. My girls love coloured lights too (while Momma prefers white). This year we bought a new tree that with a flip of a switch goes from coloured to white lights. While the girls are home they can enjoy it their way

  5. So sweet Jen 🙂 and the cocoa looks delicious!

    Your pom pom wreaths are so pretty. I’d plan to make them this year but work has been a bit hectic and time slipped away. Everything looks so festive.

    Enjoy the holiday and wishing you the best in the new year!

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