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Michele Kats Photography Eastern Long Island

Hi friends old & new! I have more than a few things on my “to do” list right {like catching up on that big pile of laundry} but I wanted to take a few minutes to just chat, you & me.

My blog has kept me busy over the last few months with some amazing opportunities, ones I NEVER thought possible, so for that I am incredibly grateful! I have to be honest though, when I get this busy, I seem to struggle to find & hold onto balance. Maybe you all feel that way too. All I can do when this happens, is take a step back and make some quiet time for me, to reflect and become centered once again.

I was in my kitchen the other night, making dinner for my boys and for a moment I leaned up against the counter and thought, when am I the happiest, most content? And the answer that popped into my head right away was, when I am a good mom. I don’t have to be a perfect mom all the time {we all know that is a tall order} but at the end of the day, when I climb into bed at night,  I just want to know I did my best for them. Being creative is a close 2nd but they are always my priority.  Loosing my mom & my sister forever changed me, in that I know how significant each moment is, no matter how big or small, so I get sad when I miss any of it. I am more aware of the real value in life, so I try not to take anything or anyone for granted. I have to feel like something positive came out of such pain, in that sense I am grateful for my journey:).

To try to find a better balance at home this summer, I will be posting 1, maybe 2x per week, so I can really enjoy time with my family. I honestly can’t wait to start! July & August are our beach months, we are there pretty much everyday. There is something about being barefoot in the sand, it feeds my soul. The time spent there is so pure. I often close my eyes to remember the feeling, on that day, at that moment. The beach is the place I feel most myself, hair pulled back with my chambray shirt over my swim suit {& flip flops} is my daily attire & I LOVE the simplicity of it all.


Thank you for listening to me ramble. I just wanted you to know there is a REAL person behind this blog. I LOVE writing and sharing all I do with you, so thank you for letting me into your hearts and homes. My husband John said to me the other day as I was getting out of bed to write, just before 5 am, “boy you really love this, don’t you?” I grumbled something like “yes” back. And later I said to him that all I wanted for our boys was the same, for them to love what they do. My mom would always say ” whatever you do in life, whatever you become, all I want is for you to be happy doing it.” I know she would find great joy in all of this:).

You can read a little more about me  HERE. 

Photo credit  Michele Kats Photography

If you want to see what life on Eastern Long Island is like in the summer then be sure to follow me on Instagram:). Our winters are rough, but the summers…make it all worth living here.

Do you have any special plans this summer? I would love to hear!

Have a beautiful day & weekend!

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  1. I love your vulnerability here. I’ve just recently found your blog but I love that you are willing to share the heart and mama behind all the beautiful projects and ideas! I hope you have lots of sandy, sunny beach days and kiddo snuggles this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I had a home decor/lifestyle blog for a couple of years and loved and learned so much during the whole process. In fact it was the love of writing on my blog that spurred my lifelong dream of writing a novel to fruition. I know how much time and thought goes into planning posts and editing pictures. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by, read your words, felt the connection. Enjoy your summer.

  3. I’m a reader from the UK and really enjoy your blog. But in the big scheme of things, it’s nowhere near as important as family. Like you say, losing close members of your family does change your outlook on life. Enjoy your time. X

  4. Oh That was really sweet!! We love ya girl!! God bless you and your family!! Have a great Summer at the beach!

  5. I think it’s wonderful that you know what’s important in life. Those kiddos grow up to fast and leave the nest. I’m sure all that follow you will understand and be waiting for you, when time permits.

  6. Living on Long Island myself, I know how precious these summer months are….especially with the winters we’ve been having! Enjoy your family and your home…..they are what inspired you to share your life with us in the first place and I’m sure you’ll come back with a lot of great stories for us when you’re ready 🙂

  7. You have such a beautiful family, loved both photos.
    Wow Jen, that was such an awesome post, sure speaks to the women we are. It’s not easy being a woman, we have so many have-to’s we think have to be done every day, let alone weekly. When it comes down to it tho, that laundry pile will get done, house might not be as tidy as we think it has to be but who’s gonna really notice while you’re having a great peaceful time, being there for your kids on the beach. They’ll remember their Mom being with them having nice time together.
    I was a mess as a Mother too much of the time. I went against what I really thought I should do and did what I was told I should do. Consequently I would so love to be able to go back to be my Kids Mom again. I had a problem as yet undiagnosed, nobody knew about depression and anxiety in those days, I was put down for how I was, no solid backup at all, just being told how wrong I always was. My poor kids suffered so much. It breaks my heart to think of it.
    When we moved to San Diego we spent so much time at the beach as that’s where I was happiest and my best. If I wasn’t working in summer I’d load the old pick up, kids/their friends and off we’d go for the day. We all had so much fun. Later when all those kids were grown up we went to CO river north of Yuma, AZ with our kids and their friends. My oldest son that moved from KY back to San Diego few years ago will tell me now and then how those kids remember going to beach with us and how much fun they had.
    We lived few miles east of beach so it wasn’t a quick trip, (going anywhere in S.D. even in those days was never quick), but we just enjoyed ourselves and did what we had to do. I am so glad I did that. That’s maybe only part of their growing up that was pretty good.
    I wasn’t diagnosed with depression anxiety til I was in early 50’s. I’m almost 75 now. Due to being born without my thyroid working I suffer from other ailments. The ones that really hindered my “self” were the depression and anxiety.
    I had to learn so much about how I wanted to be as a woman, not what somebody else thought I should be. Because of that I was pestered, constantly told how wrong I was. When it comes down to it, think that person was jealous of my free thinking and how I tried to raise my kids. Have 4 kids, 3 from first husband, 4th. from present husband, 46 1/2 yrs. later. Things are kinda hard for us money wise but we seem to be pretty content anyway.
    He’s hung in there with me thru the very hard times, (menopause at 37 and hysterectomy at 31), side effect of that naughty thyroid, had thyroidectomy at 23 when 2 months pregnant for 3 rd. child, was still married to first hubs then. He was a big part of problem as he sided with parent that would hold me down.
    Telling you this stuff I guess so you’ll know what you’re doing for your kids and hubs, yourself is so best thing you could be doing. Your kids will be grown up before you know it, you have only this one time in your life to be who you are now. You’ll change as you go thru different times in your life, natural progression of life. My “kids” are almost 55 (next month), 52, 51 and 45. Enjoy your life, God doesn’t want us to be all stressed out. He wants us to be happy. God speed girl.
    IF you want to rant at me for writing too much please do so to my email address. Have fun

  8. Oh my goddness, I’m just barely seeing this and it’s like you read my mind. In fact, I just posted something very similar. Those moments are SO incredibly precious and important (as we both unfortunately know)!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about our conversations on our BHG trip and you talking about what a priority your family is. I could see in your eyes and hear in your voice what they mean to you and that has truly stuck with me. There are many times I’ve been stressed about a deadline and have thought about your words and it’s been a reminder of what’s really important. Hope you have an amazing summer!

    1. Oh Jenn thank you, your comment means so much. I think we try so hard to be the best moms and hope that it shows to them. It is the hardest job in the world but also the most important and most rewarding. I think we both have a unique perspective in that these moments don’t last forever:). I hope you have the best summer!!! Btw, that trip was SO much fun! I adore you to pieces and your style, forget it, you are one of my true, favs!!! Jen

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