DIY Pendant Light, A Fig Tree & Thoughts on Decorating

Happy day sweet friends!

Do you ever walk past an area in your home & just smile?

Knowing you have stayed true to you & used the things that YOU love & have meaning?

Things that may or may not be in “style” but just fit you?

DIY Pendant Light & Fig Tree {decorating with the things you love}

Well that is how I feel about this little desk area in my family room.

For me nothing has happened overnight in my home. I have tried to really enjoy the journey of decorating.

When we first moved in, we had nothing, really, I kid you not.

We had been living with my father for 4+ years after we sold our home in Colorado.

It was supposed to be for a few months but it turned into years.

These were some of the best years of my life {I love him so dearly}.

My boys developed such a beautiful bond with him & we were able to save a lot of money, money that helped us buy our current home.

So for over 4 years I bought hardly nothing for the home, just essentials.

I took on different projects for my dad & fixed it up a little but aside from that I took a big time decorating break.

And guess what, it was kind of nice:).

Adding soft coastal blues to a neutral color scheme  So boy was I really to decorate when we moved in!!!

Decorating with the things I love, fig tree in small wood pot & seashells

But when we moved in we didn’t have a budget, not in a good way.

At first I was so discouraged, I would visit blogs & pinterest and longed for a beautifully styled home.

We had old furniture & accessories  that wasn’t my style any more. It seemed so dark & dated. But I made do.

I wasn’t the worst thing but I had a vision, you know when you have those, right? So I made a plan & talked it over with hubby.

We went room by room, piece by piece, one project at a time.

I hit thrift stores & yard sales, shopped my house, scoured catalogues & magazines to get the look for less.

DIY Barstool Desk, neutral color palette. Mixing vintage with new & upcycling brings a modern rustic feel to the space. Thrifty decorating at its best

What seemed to be something I feared would hold be back turned into be a blessing in disguise.

It forced me to be more resourceful & steered the direction of my blog, which I am SO grateful for!!!

DIY Pendant Light & DIY DeskAll the things in my home have been thoughtfully collected over the last 3+ years.

It didn’t happen over night, although there were times I so wanted it to:).

Coastal touches on a neutral palette

And through the journey there are those times you just feel ahh-you got it right, that you actually created a space that was a true reflection of you.

Trust me there have been many times it went the other way.

For me my style direction really came from knowing myself & valuing the things I loved:).

DIY pendant light from a school house

 Don’t you just adore this DIY light??? I bought it at my favorite local shop, click HERE.

And my Fig Tree!!! I hope I can keep it alive, lol.

Fig tree-ading rustic & organic touches to the space

 Mixing modern & rustic and adding vintage layers

 Waterview from desk

Neutral color palette with soft coastal colors- rustic modern style concept

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Love your style and your attitude toward life. Sometimes it’s nice to start with a blank slate and
    enjoy the journey. Thank you for inspiring me to try to create my own beautiful home. I appreciate
    all the effort you put into your blog.

    1. Thank you Darrielle for being a faithful reader, I am so appreciative you take the time:)! Have an awesome day! Jen

  2. In downsizing, I have been forced to do the same thing. I am thrilled like you, since this also taught me to look carefully and to thrift when I could. Now I think my home is finally becoming me. I love your home and all that you have done with it, everything looks amazing.

    1. Marty, thank you! I know it is fun! And when it all comes together, that is the best. Have a fabulous day! Jen

    1. Laura, thank you, that means so much coming form you:)! I hope you are enjoying summer with your adorable family! Jen

  3. This is so true…I also believe in decorating your home with things you love, not necessarily things that are in style. It helps to add your own personality to your home and keeps you from growing tired of it. 🙂

    1. Thank you Tina! It was such a special gift, always grateful for it:)! Have a beautiful day, Jen

  4. We have lived in our New Home just a year, and I think I am finally ready to start the decorating journey. Magazines and Pinterest for making it work have been a Huge help! Thanks for always sharing your Lovely Home….so inspiring!
    Huggs, Nancy

  5. You are so right, it’s just finding out who or what you are…I guess it’s just decorating with what you love!

  6. I appreciate you sharing details of your move. How you came to this point and the process is something I can identify with. We sold most of our household goods before & overseas move over 10 years ago then we bought another home that was for our periodic stays and adult kids ot call home. We furnished it primarily with auction finds and have been working on it since living here full time now. A long journey!

  7. I love this post…so many rooms in homes look like they were put together in a day. We are so lucky that the days of “furniture sets” are over and we can collect what we like.

    Your pendant is very neat, I like your desk area. Good luck with the fig tree!


  8. Jen, I love your style and your heart. x OMG, I’m in love with light btw. I know exactly how you feel. We moved back from England with 10 boxes and nothing else. So slowly we’ve been collecting and refinishing to make our home our style. I think you appreciate things and your home more this way. x

  9. I love that you decorate with everything you love too… you are so heartfelt with your pieces and I feel it through your pictures. Thanks for the inspiration and I bow to all your DIY projects. You are incredible! xo

    1. Thank you so much! That is the nicest comment, that you can feel it through the pictures:). I am so thrilled for you & your blog, its beautiful! The bests of luck!!! Jen

  10. i love love love your desk chair & would love to obtain something similar for my own office … do you happen to remember where you found it?
    thanks! and i absolutely enjoy your blog/posts.

    1. Hi Natalie, the desk was a DIY & the chair is from Home Goods:). Thank you for your sweet words, it means a lot!

  11. I stumbled upon your blog while following the directions for your abstract coastal art piece and saw your family room. Beautifully done, so warm and relaxing. Would you be able to tell me the name of the color on the walls? Would love to redo my living room with your room as inspiration.

  12. Love your style and love love this hanging pendant idea too – is there a post where you tell how you hung it, wired it etc? I have a window just like this I would like to do the same but no electrified ceiling area (OLD HOUSE!) was the cord actually wired into ceiling?? thanks for your great blog- Ali

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