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DIY Stenciled Panels In 5 Easy Steps

 Happy Friday!

Have you noticed how amazing stencils are lately?

They are everywhere & they look so darn good!

I decided after visiting Cutting Edge Stencils last winter that I NEEDED

a good stencil project.

Stencils give BIG impact without breaking the bank especially if you are going to be stenciling a large area..

Of course I am a HUGE fan of that idea:).

So after much thought{so many to choose from} I went with the Trellis All Over Stencil Pattern,

it resembles a beautiful Schumacher Wallpaper I have LOVED for some time now.

So I thought I would try something different….

City Farmhouse DIY Stenciled Panels

This project was easy & so forgiving.

City Farmhouse-5 Easy Steps to Stenciling Drapes1. Find a panel, could be a sheet or drop cloth too.

Tip-test out on a scrap piece of fabric first.

2. Lay out your plastic & tape down, it can be slippery.

Lay down your panel & tape.

3.  Tape your stencil to the fabric. I began at the corner.

4. Take 2 paper plates.

1 for paint{ I used house paint & added a little fabric medium}


1 with a paper towel to roll off excess.

4. Roll & Repeat the entire panel.

5. Let dry.

Very carefully{low to medium heat} iron your panel to set the paint.

You can now step back & enjoy your hard work.

City Farmhouse-Playroom Sneak Peek-DIY Art

City Farmhouse-Playroom Sneak Peek-Stenciled DrapesAnd here is a sneak peek into our playroom/family room….

City Farmhouse-Playroom Sneak Peek

City Farmhouse-5 Easy Steps to Stenciling Drapes & Palyroom Sneak Peak

City Farmhouse-5 Easy Steps to Stenciling Drapes & Simple Silhouettes

City Farmhouse-Playroom Sneak Peek- DIY Art & Drtiftwood Mirror 2


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Jeanne Oliver

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. I have found the stencil I want to use, finally, for our bedroom curtains. Your curtains are so gorgeous. So pretty and so sophisticated, love love them. You have given me the courage to attempt to stencil my own curtains. I’ll be using drop cloths. I want them to be fairly full since we need some insulation against the cold and heat. I can’t get over how gorgeous your curtains look on the windows.
    Every time I visit Cutting Edge stencils I’d get more confused but seeing yours has finally helped me decide what design I really want. Must have been meant to be to see your post.
    How long did it take you to do all of your curtains? I love that you used house paint, then ironed curtains to set the paint. Bravo, so great. Wonderful post. I have to print this one out. Happy weekend

  2. Hello! i just found your blog through Pinterest. Love everything! Newest follower through Bloglovin and FB. I love your style of decorating!

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