My Summer Story & Bringing Meaning To Your Home

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend & enjoyed time with all of your special fellas!

Summer is the best time of year,

isn’t it?

I am so thrilled it is (almost) here!

To get in the spirit, I thought I would share my summer story.

Summer is collage City Farmhouse

Summer for me is……

simple & easy,

enjoying  & sharing time,

being barefoot,

being creative & feeding my soul,


long days at the beach,

getting to know each other again,

evening walks,

catching fireflies,

time on our front porch,

dates with my hubby,

celebrations & vacations,

lots of fun,

walks to “crab island”

collecting shells,

Summer is meaningful art

collecting things I love,

Summer Ecouse Inspired Decorating Ideas For Summer- collecting moments

bringing nature in,

summer is bringing nature in

 rustic & time worn,summer is collectingconnecting with the past,

summer is connecting with the past

growing herbs & vegetables,

eating what we grow,

Summer is growing herbs

  fresh flowers,Summer is the smell of peonies

making our home pretty & meaningful,

summer is time worn-City Farmhouse

the smell of peonies, gardenias, lilacs & lavender,

Summer is...

simple moments with my boys,

capturing moments,

being present


connecting family & home.

summer is being present

Do you like to decorate around moments & memories?

What is your summer story?



My e-course is will begin July 8th


I hope you will all join me for this fun & creative summer journey

where we make pretty things and connect family & home.

Once it begins it will be up for 6 months for you to view at anytime.

The best part it is only $10!

All 4 detailed original tutorials will carry over to so many other projects & year round decorating.

Click HERE to register.

Click HERE to read more about it.

Creatively Made Home Summer Series-Decorating Ideas For Summer City Farmhouse

I am truly passionate about home telling your story & I hope to see you there:)!

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Have a wonderful week,

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  1. That is exactly how I like to spend my summer and you also described it so beautiful with your pretty photographs.
    I’m such a beach girl and the ocean feeds my soul like nothing else.

  2. I LOVE summer! I love the feel of my home in summer. I do decorate according to the seasons. It’s so fun. I love exposed toes and pedicures! I love flowy dresses and tanks. I love hanging my clothes to dry and giving the dryer a little rest. I love the feel and smell of the amaizng beaches we have here on Long Island. I love Ralph’s ices and margheritas and hot dogs! Happy {almost} summer.

  3. Can’t wait for your e-course! I love summer and those are my fave flowers too. So pretty, who couldn’t resist?

  4. Such beautiful photos, Jen…the sea glass is gorgeous and makes me wish that I lived closer to water. I will have to say that this time of year is one of my faves because of my never-ending supply of fresh flowers. I have hydrangeas, but I love your peonies and am making plans to plant a bush myself! They are just too pretty! 😉

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