Feed The Soul

“Feed The Soul.”

What feeds my soul……

being a mom

my boys

my husband

my family
my friends

hugs, kisses & lots of love



giving love

accepting love

playing with my boys

being outside

being valued

giving to others

giving to myself

perfect moments

being in the moment

date nights

being brave

feeling beautiful

loving myself flaws & all

being kind

feeling inspired

having clarity

sand in my toes

days at the beach

days in the country

living simply


sounds of spring

quiet moments

feeling moments

scoring a deal

accomplishments unseen & seen

being accepting of others

finding balance

staying positive


Our days move so quickly & we wear so many hats that it is easy to loose sight of our own needs & happiness (myself included).

When you know what feeds your soul you are able to be nourished.

What feeds your soul?

This is what feeds my husband’s soul.
Being out on the water gives him that quiet time to he needs to refuel.


I leave you with this quote….

Whenever you are sincerely pleased, you are nourished.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Monday!

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