Recycled Paper Projects Collection On Hometalk

Happy Monday Friends!

I wanted to share with all of you 2 of my favorite things lately….

Recycled Paper Projects



Do you know about HOMETALK?

It is a fantastic site where you can go to learn & share “home ideas.”

It is a community of Professionals, DIYers, Designers, Bloggers and Homeowners that share projects, tutorials and design concepts.

It is easy & FREE, you can sign up HERE.

There is something so simple & pure about finding something old & worn and giving it a new purpose.

I adore creating beautiful art and accessories for the home with paper.

Check out my  Recycled Paper Projects Clipboard


cityfarmhouse1507 (1)When I find great projects & ideas  I can easily CLIP them onto my boards,

 that way I can go back anytime to find the source & inspiration.

Aren’t these paper creations lovely???

Here is one of my own favorite Paper Projects……


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Have a wonderful week,

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