The Creatively Made Online Community

Happy Friday!
I hope your week was good & that you all are staying
warm & healthy.
My boys & I had lots of cuddle time on the couch watching some of our favorite movie classics this week.
It seemed like a nice thing to do since it was
rainy & COLD outside.
You need to do that every once in a while,
stop to enjoy the little things:).
It definitely did me good!
I am on a mission this afternoon:).
To spread the word about
my friend Jeanne’s Creatively Made Online Community.
I am sure most of you know Jeanne Oliver.
She has been blogging, creating & designing for the last 7 years give or take.
Jeanne is not only abundantly creative,
but she is also the most kind & genuine person.
She is a gifted story teller, she is HONEST and incredibly funny.
She gets it, she gets that you & me are just
trying to juggle & balance it all
and in the process give a little back to ourselves.
I have taken many of Jeanne’s classes and what I can tell you is this….
you will be inspired,
you will laugh,
you will feel free & creative,
you will connect with others,
and best of ALL
you will have FUN!
It is free to join the Creative Community,
from there you can view a few of Jeanne’s free classes,
She has also re-launched these 3 classes,
 Go ahead sign up, trust me you will be
so HAPPY you did!
You can also visit her blog and shop,
which is filled with lots of beautiful goodies.
Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. Jen, I can’t believe I have no idea what you are talking about. I remember you mentioned that you were taking an online class, but I never looked into in further. I’m going to check it out now….for reals.

  2. Jeanne does the greatest things! I have admired her blog, her artwork, and her sweet heart for a long time. I need to take one of her classes! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I live about 45 mins away from this area in Medford Long Island. I often go during the summer and passes through on my way to Montauk, the end of the (LIE) Long Island. Now you are going to make me take a second closer look at the small shops in the area. I love the food and how the homes always have living walls like hedges and tons of hydrgeas. Beautiful thanks for sharing.

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