Style House October-A Button Tufted Life

City Farmhouse is a great blog
and I am so pleased to have our home featured here for
 Jen’s October issue of Style House.  

My name is Cynthia and I am a decorator.
My husband Kent and I work together and feel very lucky to be able to help clients make their homes everything they have been dreaming of.
Many of our clients have become friends, they seem to find us amusing and encouraged us to start a design/ lifestyle blog to showcase our projects, ideas, travels and musings…
So we did.  
The blog is called A Button Tufted Life
I hope you can pop over from time to time and check it out! 
  Lets start the tour…
We custom built this home about three years ago.
 We designed it around a salvaged antique 8′ hoop top door… so naturally,
I call it Hoop Top House.

The door seems to be happy in it’s new home… we certainly love it.
 The dormers on the house and garage echo the curve of the door,
we also curved the lane and back patios.  

Our lot has beautiful 60′ trees, lots of privacy and plenty of animal friends, birds, chipmunks, squirrels… we love to sit back there and listen to their conversations.  

O.K., lets go inside now…  
When you come in the front door you enter the living room.
The staircase leads up to my studio.

     Kent and I have been collecting antiques most of our married life.

We love giving a new home to these treasures.
  Some of the pieces we have purchased have come and gone over the years finding homes with clients,
but some pieces have become part of our family history
 and I can’t imagine parting with them.  
The ottoman in this room was made by us, we often make custom pieces for ourselves or clients.
  I love the reclaimed legs on this one. The fabric is Ralph Lauren.

I won’t spend too much time showing you the upstairs,

but I thought you might like to see a few photos of my studio.

      Since our business is home based, having a
functional space to work in is key.

Clients can come have a tour of the house
and get to know who we are as people.
 I find this a huge asset.
Decorating a home is personal, and I want my clients to feel comfortable in my home so they can feel confident having me work in their home.  

O.K., lets go back downstairs now…  
Entertaining is very important to us, we love having people over.
I wanted the dining room to be a comfortable place to sit and linger…

The Kitchen is the heartbeat of our home.

I wanted to design a space that would be
both functional and a little different.
I drew some sketches and found a cabinetmaker to work with.
 It took some time but I am pleased with the results.
The island base is a salvaged dresser and the top is also reclaimed.

Our last stop on the tour will be the master bedroom.

  Kent and I wanted a space to have just for us.
Located just off the kitchen/family room it is handy and functional.
A transom door leads out to another patio and has nice views of the gardens.

      Light as air wispy blue walls change color as the
light shifts throughout the day
(as you can tell from the differences in some of the photos).

It is a restful place for me.  
There is some drama here though…
Accents of black move throughout the room
bringing interest and a masculine touch.  

Building this home was a labor of love for Kent and I.
  We enjoyed the creative process and working together.  
  I hope you liked the little tour.
If you are interested in seeing some of my design projects
 come on over to and have a peek!  
Wishing you all a wonderful fall!  

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  1. I loved this post.
    Cynthia your decorating is beautiful.
    Could you please tell me what color you used on master bedroom walls?

  2. My wife, Cathy Jameson, and I have been lucky enough to be clients of Cynthia’s (and Kent’s) since moving to Bayfield, an atmospheric, old-fashioned town on Lake Huron on Ontario’s West Coast. We bought a fairly modern house with zero curb appeal. Cynthia transformed the house into a literal showplace — our house has been featured on decorating blogs & such since Cynthia’s magic changed everything — even the exterior! Cynthia seems to have a 7th sense about what her clients really want, and puts her formidable array of decorating talents and sourcing capabilities to work making clients’ dreams come true. You can see Cynthia & Kent’s imagination at work in this tour of their incredibly comfortable & welcoming home. It’s even more exciting, to be honest, when Cynthia weaves her spell on one’s own home. Cynthia and Kent are one of a kind, and anyone who can engage them is lucky indeed.

  3. Thank you to everyone for the kind words!
    Jen, Thanks again for the feature.
    And as for you Bill Mandel… So very sweet.
    Great clients make it easy to create great results and working with people like Bill and Cathy is a joy beyond words!

  4. Dear Jen ~
    So great to see more of Cynthia and Kent’s fabulous home!! They are an amazing team, and I’m delighted to be a blog and Pinterest friend. I hope everyone will visit their website. Thanks for sharing more of your home, C!!
    Cheers from DC,

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