This Weeks Projects

Lately I have been consumed with decorating.  When I have this momentum I try to take full advantage because like most busy moms something more pressing is always around the corner.
So this past week I have finally completed some unfinished projects, I tackled projects I have been trying to start & I finally committed to some purchases.  I don’t know about you but I like choices, I woo them, I drag them out, hymn and haw until I make a decision or  move on to something else. 
But this week I actually made progress & I am super excited to share.

Bird Silhouettes

 Ikea frames, cheap & pretty when grouped.


Picture Frame Re-Do
I use craft paper on everything.
I love the color & texture. 
This is a simple decoupage project using Mod Podge, craft paper & raw umber to age the edges. Bring your patience if you tackle this project but stick with it, it comes out beautiful.
It’s a great way to transform picture frames especially if you are like me & have a ton of mismatched ones.
 I absolutely LOVE how this turned out, they look like worn leather & give another layer of texture.
The Chairs 

I had been looking for 1 year for these & finally found them at Home Goods. 
Gotta Love HG!
Silhouettes Of My Boys
 I was surprised by how easy this was.  I am going to do a DIY tutorial for this project next week.
Happy Thursday Everyone!

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