Thought I Would Share

So this week I received a few things in the mail. Most of us order things via internet, it’s easy and for me shopping with a toddler isn’t easy, so instead of getting myself crazy I shop often online.

If anyone reads this blog, you know that I am in the mist of decorating my home. I have to tell you, it’s a process for me. I am always looking for the perfect finishing touches, which sometimes it takes a little longer to complete a room or a project but I love the process so I don’t mind. I scour through magazines, catalogues & my new favorite pinterest.

So when I have found something I love I want to share it!

I also tackled painting my master bathroom on our first snow day of the season here in NY. This was on the “to do” list for a year, but….you know how it goes when you have small kiddos. So it finally got done 1 year after moving in & wanted to share that also.

1. Number Door Decals

A while back I had seen a front door with iron numbers in the center & thought “I like that!” but at the time we were in between homes so I held onto the idea for another day. I was so excited when I found Leen the Graphics Queen on Etsy. Her decals are even better than the iron ones because they are removal & they don’t make nail holes, yeah!!!.

2. Canvas

I love the idea of adding a different texture when hanging photographs, adding a canvas print of a special photo does that. I searched online & found a great price at
The Canvas People. This is 16 x 24 and it’s perfect! I love it!

3. Paint Color

So like I said we tackled the bathroom. I like to paint & my husband has the patience to tape (not me) so we split the job. I used one of my favorite paint colors, Sprig of Ivy. It is an Olympic Paint at Lowes, I liked the brand because it has low to no VOC’s. It sounds green but it’s a very organic & serene color. I love to mix it with lots of natural textures and colors.

The Before

It’s hard to tell with the lighting but this was a bright cottage green.

The After

4. Brooke Burke Video

I know this has nothing to do with decorating but I have been trying to loose my baby weight for almost 2 years & this summer I began running again & LOVED it but….living in the NE the weather can be a little iffy. So I wanted to have a backup, I bought a few videos over the last few weeks and didn’t like them. I am NOT coordinated at all, I have 2 left feet. This video is super easy to follow & SOOOOO effective! I found it at Amazon.

Happy Sunday!

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