Haven Recap & White Wall Ideas

Haven Conference Atlanta

 Hi friends! I hope your summer is wonderful and amazing so far! I just got back from Haven {well Sunday am} and it has taken me a few days to process the trip, I mean this in the best way possible:)! Wow, where to begin? This was my first time going & to make it even more intimidating, I was speaking, yikes!!! Before going & stepping onto the plane last week I was more excited than anything else. How could I not be, so many people, so many familiar faces & brands. And I was going to get to meet my girls, blogging friends I had known and supported {& who had supported me} for years. But of course, it did run through my head, what if they aren’t what they seem or what if they don’t connect with me. As much as we hate to admit it , we ALL have insecurities.

Haven Conference in Altanta

 Lucy, Rachel, me, Bre

{Liz & Jamie not pictured}

Well….to stay I had the best time is an understatement! I feel so lucky to have these girls! We laughed so hard and just GOT each other & that is a great feeling. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about the amazing memories made.


me, Jamie

 I was blown away by Haven, the bloggers that put this event together 5 years ago know what they are doing! I learned so much, met & connected with so many great people.

Jon Acoff was the opening speaker and boy did he lighten the mood! I woke up Friday morning with some nerves about speaking and he cleared those away with a good dose of laughter. Bre and I spoke both days about Creating A Meaningful & Stylish Home and how it translates to an authentic blog, which I will be sharing lots more of in the next few posts.

If you ever get a chance to go to this event, go!!! It is life changing! Not only did it inspire me with new knowledge, it also gave me a sense of belonging & comradery. I will treasure these relationships & memories for always.


How do you feel about the movement towards white walls? I have always LOVED paint and color but lately I find myself drawn to white walls. There is a calm & peace behind rooms set against something so pure & simple. I am over at BHG Style Spotters today sharing tons of white wall ideas, come on over….

White Walls-BHG Mudroom{BHG}


I will leave you with this….if your dreams dont scare you then

Have a beautiful week,

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  1. What a wonderful experience you ladies had. I can only imagine how life changing it must’ve been. It must’ve also been wonderful to partner with Bre and speak about your passion in that forum. Thank you for introducing me to the other girls’ blogs. I just read Rachel’s post on Haven. She seems like a gem as well and I am inspired by you all. Lastly, the quote on dreams is awesome! I am about to take a huge leap of faith so it is exactly what I needed to hear.

  2. It was so wonderful meeintg you at Haven Jen! You are truly an inspiration. Nothing better than meeting the person behind the blog. Your class was enlightening and refreshing. Made me realize how much I want to continue working hard at blogging and how truly passionate I am at decorating. We don’t all need a degree in it ; )

  3. I am glad you had such a great time at Haven. I keep trying to find my blogging “tribe” but haven’t gotten there yet. I am so glad you really connected with these women! I am so glad I took the time to read your post today, it sent me over to Jon Acoff’s site and wow, there is some great motivational stuff there! I am going to head over to check out the white walls, really interesting because we just moved into a new (to us) home and have decided the walls are going to be white. We like the idea of letting the fabrics and artwork being the color in the home!

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