A Bittersweet Day

Today my little boy left our nest
& began his
first day of  Second Grade:).
I am sure I am not alone in saying,
Of course I want him to learn, explore, seek and grow
but…….I have to say
enjoyed every minute of having him home
with me this summer.
I cried just a wee bit when he boarded the bus, ok a lot.
How could I not, he is my baby:).

Happy 1st day of school to all of you parents, guardians,
teachers & students!
“Entertain Great Hopes.”


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  1. Oh, I felt the same way. I know a lot of parents are happy for the kids to be back at school, but Conor and I really really missed John today as soon as he got on the bus for his first day of first grade. So hard to let them go, isn’t it?

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