Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches- An Easy Dessert Everyone Will Love

Hi friends!

What a nice & peaceful weekend we had.


Every once in while it is nice to have a weekend were you just stay home & cook & play

{ & of course clean}, isn’t it?

Most weekends we are on the go, soccer, more soccer, hockey, ice skating, you know the drill:).

So this gave me time to think,

about what to do for my boys this Valentines Day.

 Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Party!!!

I know it is COLD outside most places,

but who doesn’t LOVE ice cream???

And cookies???

And lots of yummy toppings???

Who’s with me?

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches {Easy & Fun For the Whole Family} City Farmhouse

I have to say these are incredible!!

Yes, I tasted a few:).

You can also freeze them ahead of time for an easy entertaining dessert.

Just leave them out for a few minutes before serving.

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for Ice Cream Cookie Snadwiches-City Farmhouse

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies,  recipe HERE.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches  Easy & fun, pick your ice cream & toppings

Yum! The best part in my book:).

You can use any flavor & topping and make it a Cookie Sandwich Sundae bar.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, make a bar FULL of your favorite toppings

I rummaged through my cabinets to see what I had on hand first.

This is supposed to be easy, right:)?

I used almond shavings, sprinkles{family favorite}, crushed Oreos, chocolate shavings and praline crunch.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches  With Almond Topping

This bad boy with the almond shavings is my favorite!

So good!

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Bar, Perfect For Party

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches  Easy & fun, pick your ice cream & toppings {City Farmhouse}

These will be the hit of the party or your Valentine celebration!

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches  Easy & fun, pick your ice cream & toppings {perfect for Valentines Day or Birthday Parties}

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, so easy & fun for everyone! Garish with your favorite toppings

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Bar, Perfect For Party, Pick Your Ice Cream & Toppings

These are so easy & fun

and I am telling you EVERYONE will love  them!

Even my non-ice cream lovin husband adored these:).

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Have a happy week everyone!

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  1. I have been totally craving chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches— and your post just sealed the deal! I definitely have to make some this weekend. I never thought to use almonds! Great idea and now I can make the excuse that it’s “healthy”. Have a great week!

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