Kelly’s Favorite Handmade Things Giveaway {12 handmade things – 12 winners}

 Hi everyone!

Today I have teamed up with Kelly from Eclectically Vintage

 & some of our amazing & talented blogging friends to host  a

Favorite Handmade Things Giveaway!

These items have all been handmade from your favorite bloggers,

pretty cool, right?

There are 12 Handmade Things & 12 Winners!

Take a look at what we are giving away…….

Kelly's Favorite Handmade Things Giveaway!


Kelly – Eclectically Vintage – Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock and Roll vintage silver spoon keychain

Stamped Silver Keychain

Lucy – Craftberry Bush – stag watercolor art pillow (Shop Craftberry Bush)

Stag pillow

Angie – Knick of Time Interiors – hand painted Milk & Cream on glass sign (Shop Knick of Time)

Milk and Cream Co. Sign available from Knick of Time

Jeanne – JuNxtaposition – vintage typewriter key necklace (your choice) (Shop JuNxtaposition)

typewriter key necklace

Jen – Jennifer Rizzo – set of 3 original art silkscreened dish towels

Handmade Santa dishtowel

Melaine – My Sweet Savannah – salvaged wood Christmas tree (Shop My Sweet Savannah)

Salvaged wood Christmas tree

Jen – City Farmhouse – hand painted Ski Lodge sign

Handmade ski lodge sign

Jeanne – Jeanne Oliver Designs – Sadie Handbag or $89 shop credit (Shop Jeanne Oliver Designs)

Jeanne Oliver Sadie handbag

Lucy – Bel Monili – vintage buttons and baubles bracelet (your choice) (Shop Bel Monili)

Vintage bauble bracelet

Denise – The Painted Home – music sheet flowers in new blue mason jar

vintage music sheet flowers

Jade – Jaderbomb – gold glittered PEACE letters (Shop Jaderbomb)

Glittered Peace letters

Laura – Top This Top That – burlap wreath

burlap wreath


Good luck and fingers crossed for all of you!

Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter below to enter. Open to continental U.S. residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a beautiful Monday!



  1. Fabulous prizes!

  2. Debra ford says:

    This sounds great and wonderful prizes!! Thanks!

  3. Donnie Mills says:

    The greatest handmade gift I ever received was a plastic cross that an elderly lady had decorated with yarn and made a bookmark. I had never met her before, but mentioned to her that it was my birthday and she insisted that I take the bookmark that she had just completed. She said she knew the right person would come along and need it. I use it all the time.

  4. My favorite handmade gifts come from my kids, but these would be pretty special too!!

  5. Awesome prizes thank you so much for offering this giveaway!

  6. What wonderful handmade goodies!

  7. Diane Humphrys says:

    A crocheted tablecloth from my Grandmother. I cherish it!

  8. Wendy Hogue says:

    Love, love, love the handmade goodies! Love the talent that God has given each of you! Blessings!

  9. I love this giveaway!!

  10. My favorite handmade gift was a sign that my sister painted me for Christmas. Still in my living room!

  11. Michelle Thayer says:

    Crocheted blanket made by my Mom.

  12. Everything looks beautiful. Lovely contest.

  13. Oops,should have waited for my comment… the best handmade gift I ever made was a sign with my son’ name on it, Max, made in Shop Class when he was about 12. He’s now 27. Love it.

  14. Lynn Bullman says:

    Lovely handmade gifts. They are beautiful. There is nothing better than handmade gifts.

  15. Stacey Phillips says:

    My Mom made me a beautiful red silk beaded ornament when I was in kindergarten. That was forty years ago. Mom’s gone, but every Christmas I love placing that special ornament on my tree – front and center :)

  16. Denise Smart says:

    The best handmade thing would probably have to be the turquoise ring my husband(then boyfriend) made for me,it meant so much to me.

  17. A blanket a friend made.

  18. Cinnamon applesauce ornaments my children made.


    A clay pot from my son

  20. heather f says:

    I love the deer pillow. we are all about all things deer here for xmas! some about handmade things that is so appealing

  21. Stormy Horton says:

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!

  22. My best friend made me a candle in an adorable vintage teacup. I love that thing!

  23. Nikki parks says:

    My grandmother always knitted scarves for us as kids. The best.

  24. So glad to be co-hosting this giveaway with you, Jen. Your sign is wonderful!

  25. Beautiful round up, Jen & Kelly! Everything is so perfectly ornate and lovely! 😉

  26. Amanda Trent says:

    What an exciting giveaway!!!! The best handmade gift I received was from my husband (my boyfriend at the time) at our first Christmas together. He made me a wire bangle bracelet and made the glass beads that went on it. It is so beautiful and I treasure it so much!

  27. Vicki Cox says:

    What wonderful gifts. Thank you for the chance to win these!!

  28. A necklace my son made me when he was about 3. Very colorful and ready for fun!

  29. Stephanie DuCharme says:

    My best handmade item is the quilts my mom made for us and some for our kids. We will have them forever!

  30. The best handmade gift I ever received was a collection of beautiful drawings from a teenager I taught.

  31. xochitl spoerer says:

    The best hand made gift was a sign with my child’s name on it

  32. Wow. All these ladies are so creative…and inspiring

  33. My dad and sister refinished a bench to its original condition that I had as a kid. I’m always the one making things for other people!

  34. Best hand made gift is a tie between a blanket chest my husband made me when we were first married and gifts that my boys have made.

  35. Christmas ornaments my son made in preschool. I still put them up every year.

  36. The best gift ever was a old trunk that belonged to my great grandmother. I will treasure it always.

  37. Whitney D says:

    The best hand mad gift was a birthday card.

  38. Since I have six kids, I can’t choose just ONE favorite gift because my favorite gifts are the little handmade ones the kids bring home from school. My second oldest daughter made me a ceramic dish formed with her own hands and I still keep my spare change in it to this day and she’s 24.

  39. Sandra Hanson says:

    Best handmade gift was bedding for my daughter’s room that my mom made for her. :)

  40. The best gift is a blanket my grandmother made for me. I will always treasure it.

  41. Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever received a handmade gift…I would love to give that deer pillow to my Mom though!

  42. A beautiful stained glass Iris!

  43. Christine Taber says:

    Gifts have so much more meaning to me when someone took the time to make it. Merry Christmas!!!

  44. My favorite gift was a ticket out West to visit my aunt in Portland, Oregon!

  45. My friend made me homemade foot scrub, body scrub, and lip scrub

  46. Love all of the items!

  47. I have never received a handmade gift, but I love to give handmade gifts.

  48. Lisa Cooper says:

    The precious handprint Christmas tree that my son made for me when he was five.

  49. Alice chapmon says:

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  50. Melissa Leach says:

    My favorite handmade gifts are original watercolors from one form each of my daughters. Thanks for the give away.

  51. My favorite homemade gift was an angel an 82 yr. old lady made for me. It was not very intricate but it is very sweet and it takes a prominent place on my tree every Christmas. These homemade visions are beautiful and I would lovet o win them. Thank you for the opportunity.

  52. Happiness is handmade!! When you buy handmade you are helping an individual artist or designer. Buying handmade means your purchase supports small business, and you can be certain who made the item and how. There is no way to know what kind of labor went in to producing a mass-produced item, but with handmade you actually have the chance to talk to the person creating your gift. Buying from individual artists boosts the economy and puts money directly in the hands of those who created the product. Thanks for the chance to win!! Xo

  53. I don’t receive handmade gifts often : (
    But my favorite gifts to MAKE are always handmade!

  54. an apron with my initials monogrammed on it after it was made. Love it! thanks for having a giveaway. what wonderful gifts!

  55. Love handmade gifts!!!

  56. Homemade gifts are the greatest. My favorite is a drawing from my youngest brother. So special.

  57. Great give away!

  58. My sister-in-law knitted me a beautiful scarf several years back.

  59. Great items and so nice everyone is offering them! A hand painted bird house from my best friend was a favorite hand made gift.

  60. Ooooh, I see a lot of prizes that I would love to have. Everything is lovely.

  61. My mom makes me hand made ornaments for my tree every year!!!

  62. My favorite handmade gift was the macaroni necklace my son made me last Thanksgiving. When I envisioned being a mom I always said that I could not wait until I received a macaroni necklace and how excited I would be to wear one! I wore it with such pride!

  63. Those are beautiful. Thanks

  64. They all look lovely!

  65. Kristi Bennett says:

    I would be thankful for any of the items listed. Nothing better than a Handmade Christmas

  66. What a fun giveaway , Jen! Lovely hand made gifts!

  67. I want all of them!!! Beautiful

  68. What an awesome giveaway!

  69. My favorite gift was a crocheted angel ornament made by my grandmother for the 1st Christmas after I was married.

  70. Sounds wonderful!

  71. The best handmade gift I’ve ever received was a burlap wreath from my best friend.

  72. The best handmade gift I ever received was from my father, a wooden jewelry box. I still cherish it, 40 years later.

  73. A pink and red hama bead heart from my 4 year-old. It still sits in my home office so that I smile whenever I see it.

  74. Painted Rocks from my daughter

  75. It was last year and it was a plate with my son’s hand prints on it. He put his painted hands on the plate and his school had it sealed and he gave it to us as a Christmas present!

  76. The best gift I ever received was a homemade album with my kids pictures in it.

  77. Wonderful gifts! Would be happy with any one of them. The best homemade gift I’ve ever received was a box of homemade jellies from my husband’s grandma! Look forward to it every year.

  78. I love each of these and hope I win them all;)

  79. Oh! My favorite handmade gift was a calender of date nights for an entire yr that my husband made me! And a scarf he crocheted:)

  80. Great giveaway! Hope I win!

  81. I love handmade gifts from random things laying around the house.

  82. Wow…they are all really great! Thanks for the chance!

  83. kristi ripley says:

    I love any handmade gift with my kids handprints! Those are my favorite!!!!

  84. A beautiful opal ring from my husband 2 weeks after we got married :)

  85. Love the giveaway!

  86. My daughter took two drawings that our four year old twin granddaughters drew, transferred them to cloth, embroidered the designs, and made a reversible pillow with their art. This is my current favorite, but my daughter is always treating us with homemade gifts that speak to our hearts.

  87. My favorite handmade gift was dish towels from my Grandmother.

  88. A beautiful quilt from my mom when my husband and I were newlyweds. I will treasure it forever.

  89. A scrapbook for my 40th birthday, made by my best friend who is not a scrapbooker (but I am)!

  90. What a great giveaway! I love the paper roses in the mason jar!

  91. love the burlap hand bag!

  92. Andrea Aeschliman says:

    Beautiful giveaway! Love my handmade ornament from my nephew. One of a kind for sure!

  93. I love all of them. Thank you for a great, unique giveaway.

  94. what beautiful homemade goodness! The deer pillow is amazing! and the wreath….and the vintage baubles bracelet….wow! So much talent in those 12!!! Thank you for sharing!

  95. Such fabulous gifts!

  96. The best handmade gift we ever received was from our wedding. A frame with our new last name and some pressed flowers from our wedding. Perfect!

  97. Of course anything my boys make for me! Also…my Aunt made me a miniature Christmas tree out of pipe cleaners with to-scale ornaments and everything…Pretty Amazing!

  98. I love the typewriter keys!!!

  99. jessica anderson says:

    This is such a sweet blessing that ya’ll are doing this !Hope I win !.

  100. 2 Things come to mind,of course those Mothers Day gifts from My Daughters made in School every year..They were so excited to give them to me , and the wonderful handmade clothes,mittens,shawls My Grandma’s made all of us Grandkids.even a handmade Holly Hobby Quilt.

  101. My daughter hand sewed a felt Christmas stocking decorated with an aluminum covered Hershey kiss, a felt yellow and black taxi cab ( for carpooling), a blackboard (for teaching) , art tools, and MOM in giant letters. For the top, she added cotton balls :-) It was a total surprise since she was only 12!!! It’s the first decoration hung for the holidays.

  102. Last Christmas the very talented 7 yo in my life crafted a beautiful pair of earrings.

  103. Of course, there were things my daughter made as she was growing up, and I love each and every one of them. The most recent handmade gift is a colored-pencil drawing of an elephant that my granddaughter made for me when I was in the hospital.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  104. Handmade gifts are always the best!

  105. I always love the things my children make me. Pictures, jewelry, or their wrapped up old toys 😉 Such love!


  106. Anything from my kids… I have a cute reindeer from my daughter, a wood tree from my son, a candle from my son… just love them all.

  107. A blanket we recieved for our wedding

  108. Awesome giveaway! I have received too many wonderful handmade gifts to pick a favorite! Love handmade, unique gifts!

  109. Suzie Clenaghen says:

    Love everything. Thanks!

  110. Earrings from a friend I hadn’t seen in years. Both pairs were perfectly me. Not only did I get awesome new accessories, but it was incredible to realize how well my friend still knew me and how loved I am by her.

  111. Wow – beautiful stuff – I’d love it all! :)


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